I Would Just Like To Say Hello To Everyone I Have Just Joined This Forum Tonight.

I Will Post Again Soon.

Hi Mackemuk and welcome! Look forward to you coming back on. We’re a nice little gang on here and helps a lot when dealing with ppms.

Take care and see you soon,

Pat x

hi joe

glad you foud us and like pat said we are a nice little group that you will find very helpfull !!

i just inboxed you back by the way

regards mick

Hi Mac

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to our “select” little group.

Take care


Hi Mackemuk, Welcome to the site. We are a friendly bunch so come back soon. Teresa xx

Hello to you too!

Have you been diagnosed with PPMS? What are your symptoms?

I have had PPMS like symptoms for 14 yrs and still dont have a firm diagnosis. Seen loads of neuros and had loads of tests. Im a medical mystery!

luv Pollx

Thank you all for the kind greetings I promise that i will stay in touch.

I have been diagnosed with PPMS since 2008 but had problems for years before that, i now have bladder/bowel issues and cognitive problems executive dysfunction bad memory etc…

I try to stay in touch with mick (Bairdy) he’s a canny bloke, his symptoms etc remind me of the problems i endure he is very similiar to me.

Anyway take care all and look after yourselves.

Regards Joe.

Hi Joe, seems like lots of us ppms’ers have had problems for years before being diagnosed.

I quite often suddenly remember something and think ‘oh yes it was MS’. Today I remembered being on holiday about 8 years ago (I’ve been dx for 4 years) and it was very hot and I became very dizzy and got pins and needles in my hands… oh yes it was MS!

Take care and keep cool,

Pat x

Hi Joe

I’m from Sunderland as well. I go to the coffee morning run by the MS society and I’ve made some good friends, they’re a friendly bunch and it’s not all doom and gloom, we have a laugh. As you probably know people with PPMS are few and far between, so there isn’t many there with it but we all have the same condition really. People on here are very helpful I’ve found out things I didn’t know which have helped me loads.

Lynne xx

Hey Mac

I too have only just joined today and made my first post in the newly diagnosed forum but thought I would check other forums out and say hi.

Hi Jon, welcome to the forum. It’s a great place for freindship and support… helps you realise you’re not alone!

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

Hi Joe

Welcome to the site, right back to the football!

Jacky x

Hi Jon

Welcome to the site!

Back to watching the football.

Got my fingers crossed for England later on.

Jacky x

Hi all Just to say hi. I am not sure if I have ppms yet, but the early suggestions are that I have, I have been Dix 17/5/12 and saw a neuro again yesterday. He was talking about dispensing tysabri or copaxone in conjunction with sommat else I can’t spell. He is just doing tests and further scans. Mike

Hi Mike, if your neuro is thinking of prescribing those drugs, he is NOT thinking PPMS. Those are for RRMS so he must be thinking that’s what you have. Did he say he thought it was PPMS? Maybe not sure yet. It sometimes takes a while for them to work out what type you have. Anyway, it’s a label, MS is MS and different for each and every one of us.

You’re very newly dx… hope you’re doing ok?

Come back and let us know how tests & scans work out.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi Pat I haven’t got a clue as it has been 35-40 days from seeing doc to get referred to get dx to see neuro. I have to take my other half cos I just feel my life in bits and my GP (top bloke-rang me several times in hospital) has arranged for me to see a shrink to help with feelings…etc. I am not taking it well. I will keep in touch and appreciate the info as I am a newbie. Mike x