Hello :-)


I’ve just read a few of the posts on the forum page & it has helped, a lot. I’m newly diagnosed with P.P.M.S & it has been a challenging time… seeing the posts in this forum has been a great reminder of the person I was before diagnosis & still am, with good days & not so good days.

Thank you all.



Welcome to the club no-one wants to join, Cece00.

Jo x

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Hi Cece

Welcome to the forum that none of us would have chosen to join, but that’s what it is, and we are here always willing to listen and offer advice when we can.

Look forward to seeing you on the forum again, take care.

Pam x

Hi Cece, good to see you found us.

Ppms takes a while to sink in & get your head around, but lots of lovely advice, friendship, knowledge etc can be found here.

Hi cece,

Welcome to the forum, you’ll find a whole host of lovely people who are happy to share their knowledge! It was a godsend to me when I started to use it…the support is beyond anything you’d expect! I still tend to read more than I post but nobody seems to mind that.

I hope you soon find a way in which you can cope…time will help, I also use mindfulness which has been a big help.

Take care, hope to “see” you on here again soon,


Hi & welcome Cece00,

I still remember the early days quite well, it’s almost surreal cos you wish it was someone else, then you realise you wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even your worst enemy.

Take good care of yourself and don’t let ir overwhelm you - this is a good place to talk

Sonia x

Hi and welcome


Nice to “see” you back Don, I’ve missed you! Hope all is as well as can be?

Take care,

Love Nina x

welcome to the forum.It helps to know you can talk to people that ‘just get it’.

J x

Hello Cece.

Welcome to our world.


Hi and welcome I’m sure you’ll find everyone on the forum really helpful … I’m just in process of being re diagnosed ppms and I know I found the support on the forums invaluable !




Hi welcome to the mad house lol. xxx