Hello, I don’t want to, but I think it is time to apply to join your little group. As yet I’m still technically un-diagnosed but it looks fairly certain that I’ve got MS and PPMS at that. I hope I’m wrong not just for my sake but for the sake of my wife and my family. Still might I be considered for associate membership?

Hi John, it’s with mixed feelings that I welcome you to our little clan. I’m sorry you’ve possibly got ms but glad you’ve discovered a place where you and your family can get help and support. If you’ve read many of the posts you’ll know that we’re a friendly bunch who are here for each other to share both positive and negative aspects of life with ms. It’s a very difficult time waiting for a diagnosis. I was diagnosed almost a year ago now and the memory of that awful time is still fresh. I just want to reassure you that life does get better even if that sounds impossible at the moment.

You’re likely to go through the grieving process as if you were bereaved, which you are in a way, having lost your good health, but like grief it passes but the time and manner it affects everyone is different. Don’t beat yourself up, just accept help and support from people and visit here as often as you want to, we never get fed up with hearing from people. Take care of yourself, eat well and most importantly, rest. Good luck.

Cath xx

Hi John

Welcome to our ‘gang’ lovely friendly bunch who are willing to listen and who truly understands.

Look forward to seeing you on the forum, hope you have a lovely Easter.

Pam x

Yes, it is good to know I am not alone, John

Hi John and a big welcome to our little gang!!! You are very welcome here… and I hope we can help you through what is always a difficult time. Keep in mind that PPMS for vast majority of us progresses fairly slowly… and it can slow down or even stop altogether. And it changes all the time… so a nasty symptom can just disappear altogether. You’ll get to know your own MS in time. We’re all here for you… and between us have a huge amount of knowledge and experience… you name it, chances are one of us at least will know about it. Looking forward to getting to know you, Happy Easter! Pat xx

Hi John, I replied to your other post on another board.

I often visit/post/reply on this board, due to the time I was told i had PPMS.

Folk on this board are a lovely lot!

luv Pollx

Hello & welcome John

Sonia x

Hi John, Just wanted to say welcome to our lovely little group. It was a lifeline for me after years of feeling very alone with my MS, nothing compares to making friends with people who really do understand exactly what you are going through. Look forward to seeing you on here again soon. Happy Easter, Nina x

I am feeling pretty low again this morning, Easter Day, I have just started Tizanidine 1mg to 2mg and I have a very upset stomach or constipation might the new med be to blame do you think? This is proving to be quite a bit harder that I expected I do seem to be getting quite ill now I am confused. John

Getting on with things now, feeling a bit grotty but got over the sadness of it all. Cooking up nice Easter Dinner for the family.

Hi, Could be the med’s John. Dealing with symptoms is very up and down… you don’t suddenly get used to it and then it’s ok… it’s much more of an ebb and flow. Try not to think ahead of your symptoms… just deal with what you have to deal with today… don’t worry about how you might feel tomorrow or how you felt yesterday. And getting that frame of mind takes time… but whenever you get scared just bring you attention back to your breathing and gently let go of the fear. Try it and see if it helps. Hope your Easter is going well, Pat xx

Yes, I think I see what you mean things have levelled out a bit this week. John x

Pleased to hear that John, it’s a major thing to learn to deal with but you’re doing well and I promise it gets easier once you can train your brain to accept it. I feel you have to learn to strike a balance …fight it too hard and it will fight you back …enjoy the better days and on the bad ones just rest and go with the flow. One day you’ll suddenly realize you can and are coping. I know it’s not as easy as I’m making it sound…it’s easy for me I’ve had it for nearly forty years! I lead a very strange insular little life but the important thing is that, regardless of this awful disease, I’m actually very happy. Hope you will soon be able to say that too. Never forget we are all here for you. Nina x