Hi, can I join you please

Hi. I’m Karen, I’m 53 and was diagnosed with ms last Friday… probably ppms but neurologist wants to leave spms as an option for a while. Its been a long road to diagnosis as my leg problems started over 7 years ago. This isn’t a group I expected to be joining but here I am… determined to take it as it comes and get on with it. I enjoy riding pillion on my partners motorbike and camping and hope to do so for many years to come. I’ve been reading this forum for about a year but feel like I can be a member now I know for definate so I hope you’ll have me. Karen

Welcome Sugar Plump, I’m not diagnosed ms but still come on here for support, I hope you get the help now you are diagnosed. The forum is a very good someone always has good advice .

Michelle and Frazer xx

Welcome to the board that no one want to join. Karen you dont need to be a full paid up member here most people are friendly (I ain’t) so pull up a chair few biccies and a cuppa and fill ya boots. Ask anytthing we have all manner of experience here incluing Brain surgery. I am going coz my typos are getting bad the page looks like a red blood bath with all the squiggly lines my hands are awul today xx Don

Hi there Karen. Welcome to the rant forum. Where folks with MS can share & understand.

I’m sitting here juggling, getting a car engine rebuilt & waiting for washing line posts to be concreted in.

It’s a funny old existence, but we’ll survive.

Take care out there & go treat yourself.


Thank you all for the replies. I finally gave in and used a walking stick today!!! Managed 7 hours at the NEC motorbike show… Only sat on the back of one cos I’m not very graceful any more and there were a lot of people around haha. I’m sure a will have many questions as time goes by so it’s good to know you’re all here with so many answers. Karen

I use the phrase, use it or lose it. There’s so many people, quick to get us in a wheel chair. Keeping that circulation going & taking things easier is what I chose. From chair to walker & then from sticks to none.

We have our bad days & get abuse, but learn to switch off & relax.

There is NO cure for any form of MS, so trial any medications they push on you, with caution. No matter what magic they claim.

MS is when your nervous system starts attacking itself, so steer clear of stressful situations. It’s liable to cause problems, that either go away, or stay for more chaos.

Imagine an appliance with faulty wiring. Where the plastic covering on the wires has merged & melted for some reason. Causing any number of problems. That’s basically what MS is.

5 years ago I was diagnosed with PPMS & some people still say to this day, there’s nothing wrong with me. Their problems are far worse, so they believe & you wont convince otherwise.

Have an awesome life & do what you enjoy.


Thanks Terry. The neurologist isn’t considering any meds as he’s sure it’s ppms… he’s only leaving spms as a maybe for a while so if I have a relapse I can try meds. Not had a relapse over the 6 or 7 years my leg and balance has just got worse. I’ve been reading this forum for a while and I’m accepting of the diagnosis and hopeful for my future… it’s just going to be a different future. The neurologist thought I may have nmo I was actually relieved when he said ppms Karen

Relapse or not, there’s no cure for any variant & apparent anti depression meds are for people who are depressed. They try shovelling medications on people with genuine problems, no matter what condition they pull out the hat. Start enjoying life & look after yourself more. Ignore pushy people.

Hi and welcome

Sonia x

Hi Michelle I am glad you have decided to stay on the forum. Sue x

Hi Karen welcome to the forum.


Thank you Sonia and Sue

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