Wheres our ' snow leopard'?

anyone in touch with Pat i noticed shes not been on here for a while,hope its that shes just too busy to come on here.

J x


Hi J, I’m here I’m here!!! So sorry. My fatigue has been through the roof recently so I haven’t been on here much and when I have I haven’t had the energy to think of replies!!! Nuts isn’t it?

I have finally decided to give Biotin a go! Read the MS Trust article on a recent trial and certainly looks worth a go!

My other news is really rather huge news as I was born into an atheist family and never had religion. But for about 20 years I have been thinking of becoming a Christian (yes 20 years…but obviously not all the time…it would come and go)…anyway I have now taken that huge step and joined an Anglo-Catholic church.

So this has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me…esp ‘coming out’ of the Christian closet to my family… who surprisingly are being very supportive.

So that too has taken up time and energy!

Very kind of you J to notice me missing!!! Big promise that I’ll come on more often!

Love to all,

Pat xx


Thanks Pat for getting in touch so quick,sorry to hear you have bad fatigue,hope you feel better soon.i was just a bit worried that you had not been on for a while.

J x


Hi Pat

Fatigue is a true bummer, and I think with all the Christmas planning and the like just puts it through the roof for a lot of us. Yesterday was a duvet day for me, totally exhausted and so dizzy, but today just sat in my chair doing nowt.

I hope this doesn’t sound like ba humbug, but I shall be quite pleased when it’s all over and done with.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Pam x


me too Pam,but at least today is the shortest day,and from now on the days are getting longer,thank goodness,just noticed today my daffodils are just starting to appear,only a little but it always makes me feel that bit brighter.

J x



Glad that you are ok. Fatigue is truly awful. It cannot be explained to others either. They think if you have a quick nap you will immediately be up for anything!

I too will be glad when the festivites are over. I don’t really care if it does sound bar bumbug! I will just take my place in a quiet corner and watch everyone else.

Pat, Congratulations on your new religious path. I come from a religious family but I don’t follow it personally. I am very glad that you have found something that you can enjoy and believe it.

Take good care,




As you know, I dont usually frequent this bit of the forum daily…but I am looking in more often and contributing when I feel I may have something to offer.

Glad to hear you are finding yourself Pat and I hope it brings you some inner peace.

Merry Christmas.

luv Pollx


Thank you everyone.

Love Pat xx


I thought you’d been a bit quiet but I don’t always get on here too regularly either.

I was raised as a christian and my grandparents were catholic - I’ve never been hugely religious but do have beliefs, I’m not a big church-goer either but I do have faith and I do keep hold of that. I have some fairly heated words with my atheist husband about it - I get really irked when he criticises religion (all religions) as religion itself is not at fault, it’s idiots that bend religious words to suit their means. I hope your newfound belief gives you some comfort

Sonia x

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An interesting journey religion, I wish you well.

I am so glad you are ok, I thought all our gang had gone away! Take care, be safe M xx

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