First time out for a week... Fatigue!!!

Monster fatigue killing me at the moment… so it’s been a week since I went out (which I’m not complaining about as know others go out even less)… but had GP appointment so scooted down there and got prescription for the new drug neuro wants me to try (Topiramate).

As soon as doctor asked ‘How are you?’ I burst out crying! Oh dear! She offered me counselling but as I told her, I’m not usually depressed and think I’m just so blo*dy tired right now and because she said it in such a kind, sympathetic way. Do you know what I mean? It shocked me… came out of nowhere!

Anyway rode back through park which lifted my spririts no end. Lovely trees in blossom and that ‘after rain’ smell.

I know you guys will understand. It’s the relentless fatigue that’s doing me in. I go to loo and end up sitting there ages because I simply haven’t the energy to get up and go back to bed!

Rant over. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Love, Pat x

Hi pat my name is dennis i know exactly how you feel i get so fed up with ms i could cry myself keep your chin up

pat and remnbrer summer is on its way .

If you feel down again email me im always here. ps sory spelling never was my srong point.


Spelling doesn’t matter Dennis, but your kind words mean everything.

Thank you.

Chin up eh?

Pat x

Oh Patty! I do feel for you, you are always one pof the first to offer me your support. So here`s mine for you.

(((((((((((((((((((hug…not the nasty MS type)))))))))))))))))))

I dread loo time, as it wipes me out too…no pun intended there!

Im hoisting more now, due to silly shoulder…tens machine is helping.

look after yourself…even more than usual.

luv Pollx

Poll, thanks so much hon. This MS business is a bit much innit!!!

Always cheers me up to see you on here, but wish you weren’t coping with shoulder on top of everything else…

so Poll (((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))) back to you.

Pat x

Ah Pat I know what you mean, you don’t feel like crying until some one offers a sympathetic ear. I hope you soon feel better and the dreaded fatigue lifts a bit. Once the weather improves I think it’ll help, it should lighten our mood. Take care.

Lynne xx

Hi Pat Know what you mean about going to the loo wiping you out. I find it utterly exhausting. Sorry that you’re feeling so bad at the moment. I can only say, I hope you feel a lot better soon. I burst into tears on my GP not long ago and it came out of nowhere too, funny that. Anyway, keep keeping on, don’t let it grind you down! Teresa xx

Thanks Lynne and Teresa. Another day of waking up exhausted… but my sister coming over today and will be so nice to have some company.

Starting new med’s tonight. Hope they give bit of relief but if not I’m going back on Amitriptyline. I know they don’t help with the fatigue but if other symptoms are helped it makes a difference.

Hope all ok,

Pat x

Dear Pat

We are all here for you, sorry I’m a bit slow to reply to your post - vision thing acting up. You have a good old cry with my love, M

it gets soooo tiring being upbeat all the time, have a rant/moan, I still think your are

Hi hon, thanks so much for lovely post. Hope your eyes feel better soon and you are back to your self… although I think you are always .

My sister has gone out to get us takeaway lunch at Nandos and some chocolate!!! AND brought me a huge bunch or orange roses!!! So I am being spoilt!

Hope you having a good day today,

Pat x

Superb Pat, and a special to your sister.

Enjoy, I am having a lovely day especially hearing you are tooooooM

Glad that you had some tlc from your sister Pat. Hope it helped. Lunch sounds fab and chocs and flowers too! Hope you’re feeling a little less fatigued. Teresa xx

I’m sure the visit from your sister has helped you feel better Pat, mmmm Nando’s I love their chicken extra hot.

Keep strong.

Lynne xx

Hi Pat l do hope you are feeling betterit is nice to get out and about l hope you and your sister had a good chat l do not see see my sister a lot but my brother lives 7 doors away and l see him every day as l dog sit while he is at work. l went to a patchwork display at a museum near home l went on my new boot scooter ( its brill ) only to find it was upstairs they did have a chair lift so l did get up l can not do as mush patchwork as l used toobut l do try. Just think summer is comeing and we are all here to chat to you

Lov Jan xxxx

Thanks Jan, I am actually feeling a bit better today. I took 25g of Topiramate last night (latest drug neuro has prescribed). Felt a bit strange as I went off to sleep… very ‘drugged’… but definitely better today. Less pain, less buzzing, body seems to move easier, and bit more energy. My tinnitus is louder though which is always a problem with me and drugs.

Went with friend for walk down the street!!! (well, it’s a short side-street but all the same…). Was lovely to be out.

Patchwork display sounds interesting. I love patchwork. I once heard that in 19th century American women would save a ‘patch’ from all the dresses their daughters wore from babyhood throughout their girlhood, and would then make them into a wedding quilt when the daughter married. Lovely tradition.

Difficult when you can’t do as much as you used to. I like to do tapastry but now my fingers aren’t so nimble and my eyes aren’t so good. Oh well. We do what we can.

Take care and have a good weekend,

Pat x