How is everyone ?

Hi to everyone

i know this last few weeks have been really quite bad for a few of us on here,

just wanting to send you all some healing hugs, and i hope things imrpove for us all,

its a lovely sunny autumn day here in yorkshire, i arent up to going out though,so will have to make the most of it thru the window lol

J x


Thanks J. I’m all the better for being home again, and sleeping in my own bed!


Thanks Mrs J,

It really has been the worst few weeks I can remember…here’s hoping it will not last too much longer for any of us!

Lovely autumnal day here in Herefordshire too but like you I will enjoy it from the comfort of my sofa!

take care of yourself,

Nina x

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pleased your back in your own bed Kev, theres nothing like your own bed is there ?


Hi Nina,

i think i might just try to bake some cupcakes,for my daughter as shes not well with this awful virus doing its rounds,

baking always lift my mood… and eating it even more lol…thats if i can get my a**e into gear… x


Hi Mrs J

You’re right, it really has been a few rough weeks for lots of us, I wonder if the change of season has something to do with it.

Sleeping for me has been difficult, and cos of that, the days are not so good, but looking out the window today seeing a lovely autumnal day will hopefully help to lift the mood for all of us.

Take care

Pam x


Thanks Mrs J

Things are better for me too. Dad is home from hospital after 3 1/2 weeks, so he’s more settled but remains frail though that won’t change. My body is much better now that I haven’t got the commute back and forth to contend with. Does anyone else find their pain worsens with the vibration of the car? I’m trying to settle into a routine again, hoping for a daily swim and getting my sewing room back from the dumping ground it turned into.

Yes, Autumn has arrived suddenly so it’s time to pick the hobbies up again. Take care.

Cath xx


Hi Mrs J, it has been a rough few weeks… though I did manage to get out yesterday and get to the shops. My little mobility scooter must have been in shock. Was lovely to get out for a while.

Gorgeous Autumn weather in London… season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Sunday.

Pat xx

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Morning everyone,

I was going to update everyone I picked up my continuous wear prism glasses and they are AMAZING!

Its astounding what I have been putting up with all this time! I can see so much, it’s astounding, I’m hoping it helps the headaches which I’m expecting it will.

Kev I’m so glad your home, Cath I’m glad about your dad being home, Pam I’m hoping you get out again soon sweetie? Pat it’s beautiful up here this morning too and we are going to the Isles of Glencoe for a wee break on Monday, big disabled room opening right onto the loch!

Nina I believe the lovely autumn is due to continue, mostly! Mrs J thank you for the post!

Hugs to all

Polly xxxx

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Hi everyone,

Well that’s us moved to our temporary accommodation. All the upheaval is starting to be a bad memory. Moving day went quite smoothly thanks to my superman husband. The removers were brilliant and most things are in storage. I started cleaning the house for the new owners but my body gave in so had to leave quite a bit of it to Bill. It was very frustrating but what can you do?

The rented house is small but very nice and fully furnished. Wait for it… It has no stairs (whoop! whoop!) and a cubicle shower. I am in heaven.

lts lovely you are back Kev and so glad everyone is on the up.

Enjoy your holiday Polly.

Its beautiful in Aberdeen today, great to be alive.

Mags xx

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hi Mags,

well done on the move,your temp accomodation sounds good,bet your worn out with it all though, i chickened out of moving,we took ours off the market… thing is we need a bungalow,and the ones we want we cant afford, so for now we are staying put… but that doesnt stop me looking lol…just been out for a drive to get me out of the 4 walls, thing is tho i am not a good passenger and get car sick these days…but the trees are such a lovely colour in this autumn sunshine…such a nice day

J x