How are we all??

Hi gang… hope everyone is doing ok??

I’ve had a hhhmmmmm… well a quiet week. Lots of resting was involved… lol…

But today I did get out and go for Chinese lunch with a mate. Lovely even though the weather is so dreary! The food was good… king prawns with mixed veg and rice.

And tonight it’s down to the lounge to watch 3 episodes of THE GOLDEN GIRLS!!!

So I’m doing ok and hope you all are too?

Love to all… Pat x

Hi Pat, I’ve had a week full of resting too - owing to the stinking cold that came my way. Just starting to feel remotely human again. The Chinese sounds yum - glad you got a change of scene. My change of scene came by seeing my eldest son’s Biology teacher at his sixth form college in Winchester. Dreadful dizziness and poor balance did not aid that visit! All in all though, not feeling too bad now - on the up anyway. Love Teresa xx

Ditto with Teresa, stinking cold (though I didn’t realise until my sone came down with man flu!), which could explain why I’m extra floompy this week!

Ooh, Chinese sounds lush Pat, you lucky girl! Might have to spring for a takeaway this week. :slight_smile:

Have a good evening hun,

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Hi Pat

My week has been mad hectic.

On Sunday I dropped my three youngest kids back to their mother (known as USC - Ungrateful Selfish Coward) and then went to work until midnight.

Back in work at 6.45am. Went out with a gay pal and his b/f for drinks and dinner until 11, bit tipsy.

On Tuesday went out with newish g/f, got tipsy, nice meal near Tower Bridge. A touchy feely night. I explained about MS in more detail. That’s a mantra I have: deliver bad news early. There were hugs and tears and some deeper feelings.

Wednesday helped a friend get over a messy divorce by listing his worldly goods on eBay in an effort to make him cut the anchors of a failed former life. He was happier and seemed more forward-facing by the end.

As the Maoris say: face the sun and your shadows fall behind you.

Tonight I went for more drinks with an ex work colleague. So now I’m half-cut and posting on every forum I belong to.

So it’s all good.

Hope all are well!

Burning the candle at both ends is paying me back this morning.

Note to self: calm down a bit.

Hi there Sounds like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends! This is all very well when you’re young and very fit. However, you need to pace yourself a little and look after yourself. Definitely calm down a bit otherwise the MonSter will rear it’s head! I sound like a scolding mother! Sorry I don’t mean to but I’m thinking of you and your health. Yours caringly(new word) Teresa xx

Hi, nice looking day best wishes to all not much to say, which may well be good news for everyone!!Hope everyone has a good weekendM

I told the doctor I can’t stop singing ‘The Green Green Grass of Home’. He said ‘You’ve got the Tom Jones Syndrome’. I asked ‘Is it common?’ ‘Hmmm’ he said, ‘It’s not unusual’… (with thanks to Tommy Cooper)

Have a good one everyone. I’m resting (what’s new!)

Mags and Teresa hope you get over your colds quickly.

Skell, your life exhausts me! But glad you have new romance in your life.

M, lovely to see you on here darling… as ever.

Ta ta for now,

Pat x

Hi Everyone

Sounds like we have all been going through it one way and another,

hope you are all feeling better.

I have just had another 4 days in bed! Had a flu jab Monday and by

evening had a temperature, felt c**p, went to bed and there I have

stayed. The temp gradually relented, but, of course, sent my symptoms

haywire, been on planet zog since! Anyway I am up today and back in the

land of the living (take this with a pinch of salt, you know what I mean) and

feel a little more like facing the world again, instead of wanting to get off!!

In case you have not had your flu jab yet, please do not let this put you

off, as it could possibly be just a coincidence, as there are a lot of things

going round, and may not have anything to do with the jab.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Pam x

Hi Pat

and all, Well got up to hailstones hitting the bedroom window at am this morning as was white over at 7am, the suns out now and its starting to go but still cold.

I not doing a lot today want to do a bit more of my quilt but hands are very cold must find my fingerless gloves that may help . Daughter wants to do a car boot sunday morning l don t no if l can help much but l can sit there.

Don t want to put clocks back l don t like the dark nights, well all take care watch out for the weather stay warm

Regards Jan xxxx

Hya Pam glad you feeling better now. May have been a coincidence. Who knows? I had no reaction at all… not even painful arm which I usually get. I’m wondering if the nurse even gave me the jab. She was talking so much and so fast that all I could do is concentrate on what she was saying and don’t actually remember getting the jab! (though I did have a plaster on my arm so obviously something happened… lol…)

Hi Jan, Hailstones! Good God! It is VERY cold in London today. I went out on scooter and had to wear leggings under jeans, thermal vest etc etc! Freezing!!!

Agree about clocks. How depressing when it gets dark before 5pm!

Hope everyone having nice weekend?

Pat x

Evening all!

I have 5 youngsters in the house (18-24) making costumes and spooky food, carving pumpkins and watching films. It is such a lovely change from there being just me and my youngest! Am going to get myself a nice glass of wine and join them…

Hope you all have a lovely evening.

Mags xx