A grey old day...

Absolutely nothing much to write about… but board seems a bit slow… so will just write about nothing much & see how you are all doing…

I shredded some old bank statements

I put the huge fan away as obviously won’t need it till next summer

We have lunch club here today… fish and chips… yummy!

There is all my fascinating news!!!

So what have you lot been up to?

Love to all,

Pat x

Well Pat…the boards are a little lacking in chat and I am feeling in need of a little gossip so popping in to say “Good Morning” to you. Yes, it’s time to tidy away after summer. I decided my daughters tent could go in the Shed…can’t see any more campouts this season. The suitcase is forming the “up the loft” pile for hubby, yeah the fans are n the queue with the suitcase. I am now counting my blessings that I am tired and can snuggle under a blanket for a bit…I’ve been slowly facing up to face the fact that working is too much physically. its so nice to be in the house on such a grotty wet day, rather than sitting for hours on the M6, getting to work tired and in pain. I wish I was having fish and chips with you. Have a happy day Pat x

Hi Gillian, yes summer is well and truly over. Someone told me they heard we are going to have the worst snow for 100 years next month! Hope it’s not true!

I did find it a HUGE relief when I gave up work… although at that time I had an ME dx and was a couple of years before the MS dx… but it felt like I had been pushing myself for so long! Actually it was an outbreak of shingles on my face and head that finally stopped me working… and I’m sure I got them because I had been pushing myself so hard for ages.

I like the idea of suitcases forming a pile for the loft!

Living in a one-bedroom flat is a bit hard for space sometimes (even though I love my little flat). I’ve got a wheelchair (folded) and a walker in the bedroom and a mobility scooter in the small hall. Don’t know about bedroom tax… I could really do with a spare room!!!

Have a good day yourself,

Pat x

I’m at work and in Oxford it is raining a lot, it’s just grey and miserable and I’m here til late today :frowning:

On the plus side, after today I only have one more long day to contend with and then a short one before my 3 day weekend so I will ride it out somehow - Raawrrrr! (Would even consider a snooze in the ladies but it’s freezing in there today - no, only joking but I doubt I’ll be awake for the journey home tonight)

There really isn’t much to say sighs, I just hope that some of you are having a bit more fun than me today… Hmm, I think I might just need some chocolate and that’ll make things a bit more pleasant :wink:

Sonia x

Hi all

Awful weather here today, real heavy rain and sooo cold, think I am going to take a leaf out of a hedgehogs life, and hibernate!,

Watched England go through to the world cup last night, what a tense time and good job none of you could hear me! Anyway we are in the next world cup, which has put my 3 grandsons on a high.

Take care everyone

Pam x

Hope that person is totally wrong about the snow Pat! Ugh! It rained her dreadfully this morning but that has completely disappeared and it is now bright sunshine - quite warm too! Had my flu jab today - hurray! Glad to be covered for another year! Teresa xx

Hi All; stuck at home going through company stuff (yawn), waiting for kids to get off bus then the usual mayhem. Miserable and wet here in the Midlands. However, beat my record on the x-trainer this morning which cheered me up; feel like I’m paying the price now as I’ve nearly fallen down the stairs twice. However I now weigh 12st 11 lbs, fully clothed; the first time since 2003 that I’ve weighed less than 13 stone! (…big deal for me as pre MS symptoms I used to be a long-distance runner and have always been whippet thin until c.2004) I thank vitamin d as it really does suppress my appetite…o, and my manic goes on the x-trainer too.

Well done… that’s great!

Gosh I wish Vit D would do the same for me. Been on high dose since March and haven’t lost a pound!

Well done hon… I know how much it means.

Pat x

I too was whippet thin in my former life! The pounds just keep on coming…the slower I get the faster they get! Been on high dose vitamin D for three years now…oh how I wish it suppressed my appetite too!! Best to everyone, Nina x

I’ll join in the weight discussion, I was never skinny but always slim until my Gabapentin was commenced and my mobility declined. Haven’t any idea what I weigh as I broke my scales but I’ve gone up two dress sizes. Feel like a beached whale. Keep telling myself it’ll save on the heating bills with my blubber protecting me, also softens landings when I fall.

I’ve had another busy day, went to Kendal shopping with a friend, just through the door when my parents wanted me to pop down to show me my daughter’s birthday present, back home to unpack shopping then an hour to veg on the sofa before meeting friends for dinner. All showered and ready for bed now.

Weather here in the Lakes was awful, strong wind and driving rain. Roads were flooded coming home. At least I can have a lie in tomorrow as my daughter’s school is shut as teachers are on strike. It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow, have a meeting with a support group for carers with daughter then up to school for my sewing class. Something to look forward to.

Take care Everyone

Cath xx

Wondering if I can create a belated placebo effect but thinking hard that Vit D will suppress my appetite?

Cath you are a busy girl! Enjoy your sewing class.

Unfortunately all of these bloody drugs pile the pounds on. Between that a mobility problems we don’t stand a chance.

My cleaner is here which, strangely, always exhausts me (after all it’s not me doing the work!)… and my sister is coming for the afternoon… Lovely!

Very sunny in London! Hope the rest of you have good weather too.

Pat x

I spent yesterday in bed and my brother and sister in law visited today. I have nothing else to report other than the car passed its MOT. Plus it was my Birthday last Sunday still eating cake

Belated birthday wishes Hoppity x

Pam x

Belated Happy Birthday Hopitty Nina x

Belated birthday wishes Hoppity,

Mmmmmmmmm cake…

Pat x

Belated birthday wishes Hoppity :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hello everyone! i’m in the midlands same as clucker pigeon and its miserable!

Pat - iv’e just put my fan away as well - wont be needing that again for a while!

I’ve been cleaning the house today just thought i’d got it all pretty tidy and clean and then…i walked into my teenage daughters room and i think her room looks like we have had burglars!

so…i walked out and shut the door and i’ve pretended i never saw it!

oh! now what shall we have for tea?


Hahaha Teresa that’s the best way to treat a teenager’s bedroom!!!

I remember when my son was a teenager and one of his friend’s mum said to me they were always having huge rows about the state of his bedroom.

I said to her to give it up. Just don’t go in the room. Keep the door shut. Bring some peace back into your life!

I’ve got some chicken pieces in the oven with gravy… smelling good… and got new potatoes and first sprouts this year. Actually I thought I had ordered 500g bag of frozen sprouts on internet order… but was bag of fresh ones. Now I suppose I’ll have to eat them…

Have a good one,

Pat x

Definitely the best way to go Teresa, shut the door and don’t go in again. I remember that feeling and laugh about it now, although at the time it was very frustrating.

Pat, tea sounds lovely…enjoy.

Pam x

Had a lovely surprise last night my eldest son came home for the weekend from uni! So wonderful to see him - I have missed him so much! Teresa xx