Have a good weekend

Hi gang, hope everyone is doing ok? What are you up to?

I’m trying to find the umph (is that a word? well it is now!) to get dressed and go out with friend for lunch. Cold and windy in London so will have to put the layers on… by which time I might be too exhausted to go anywhere.

That has happened to me many times. Get ready to go out and then to tired to go!

I will do my best which is the best I can do.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend whatever you are doing.

Love to all,

Pat x

I like umph if it’s not a word it should be, I can be feeling like c**p AND sometimes a wee push is what’s neededBUT sometimes it’s notKeep us posted!!!M

Hi Pat It is absolutely freezing out there, so it might be as well to stay at home anyway. Have bought loads of chocolate for us all, so we’re all set for the weekend! Keep warm and well fed! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, after a full week of being stuck in and getting fed up, yesterday I had a great day out with sis and t`other carer.

We had a mooch around Matalan and i got a wrap…aztec design. Only a tenner, but nice. I`ve been looking for a cape/poncho for a while, as wearing winter coats in a wheelie, just aint conducive (posh word for a saturday afternoon).

Then we had lunch in Sainsburys, follwed by a mooch around their TU` collection.

Well, staring right at me in a come and buy me way, was the most bootiful, dressy cape. In brown/black/cream checks, with a leather fastening. At £45, I didnt know if I dare buy it. So Carer no 4 modelled it for me. She`s about my size. It looked the bees knees! I had to have it!

There was 25% off just that day, and Carer had a 10% ex staff discount card, so we used that and the cape ended up costing me just £29.25!!!

I took the first wrap back to Matalan and spotted a black fur collar, which I bought and it really adds to the smartness of my new cape!!!

Then us 3 golden girls got all giddy and silly. We were gurning at one another and got really quite hysterical!

Set me up for the Bonfire weekend it did. Keep your pets in, yeh?

Strictly on tele tonight. Do you watch it?

Im quite liking Lisa as winner..........shes doing it for us Chubbers, she said!

luv Pollx

Hi M, yep I put a bit of UMPH into it and had lunch out at Nandos. You are right… sometimes a little push does it! AND I got free half chicken with my rewards card, so have got a quarter chicken in fridge for later!

Hi Teresa… bloody freezing out there! I bought some fudge as part of a birthday present for my neighbour on Monday (she will be 98)… but ooooooops I’ve eaten it. Will have to pop out tomorrow and buy some more. It was delicious!!! I thought I had better test it for ‘quality control’…

Hi Poll, cape sounds lovely… and what a amazing discount!!! I see capes and ponchos are very much the thing at the moment. Saw one in BHS the other day and was tempted. Hmmmm might have to go and take another look…

No don’t watch Strictly but hope Lisa wins for you!!!

LOVE to Golden Girls everywhere,

Pat x

Don’t blame you for eating the fudge - I have been so bad and gluttonous lately. I must rein it in as I have put on weight and I’m usually very slim but have developed a tum! It is hard when you have a chronic illness as you think ’ I deserve a treat’. It has become the ‘norm’ for me recently. Next week back to normal eating! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, yeh, BHS does have some lovely capes/ponchos. You may find one better for when on your scooter. I am getting a fleece blanket for my legs. They turn to ice when Im out. I do have a good waterproof cape for wet weather...but it doesnt look as stylish as the cape! Go get yours before they are sold out!!!

luv Pollx

Hi all,

Hope you are all as good as you can be. It’s been a very cold

wet and windy weekend here, so haven’t really ventured out any

where…been a long long weekend! Thank goodness sky has

football on (sorry to all you non football fans).

Take care

Pam x

Hi Pam, I agree with the football thing. Thank goodness it was there this weekend as it has been cold and wet. I’malso looking forward to the first test England vs India. We are also massive cricket fans in this house! Take care, Teresa xx

I must say girls its been lovely here today…bloody cold though! I managed to get down in to town yesterday for a little browse. Was really nice to have a bit of normality. Paying for it today though my muscles are screaming at me…think its more about lack of use than anything. Still, it was worth the pain Topped my advantage card up nicely so I did.

Hope your nasty weather goes away.


Hi Teresa

I love football…… but cricket, no way, think I would rather

watch paint dry!! lol it’s too slow a game for me.

Take care and keep warm in this cold weather.


Pam I have no choice! I have four sons who all play! Mind you, I’ve learnt to love it. Teresa xx

cold and wet here today as well, went to the pictures to watch skyfall. Used my discount cinema pass might as well get something for this wonderful disease I have!!!

spasms been really bad today, legs would not stop shaking for about five minutes thank goodness lights off and nobody sitting next to me at pictures exept my wife who was scared stiff.

Had my flu jab friday which went ok had the sniffles since though - think work might be a struggle tommorrow but have to go as being a contractor the firm I work for not very understanding and the bills need paying. Still on plus side enjoyed the film, even more getting 2 for 1 offer and then had a visit from my grandson which always brightens my day

take care

love Mark

Hi Mark

Glad you enjoyed the film (even with the dreaded spasms).

I’m not really a James Bond fan, but my family have seen it

and said it was fantastic.

Good luck with work today.

Pam x

Hi Teresa

You sound like my daughter, she has 3 boys and football and rugby are

rife in her house. She says sometimes that she would give her high teeth

for another female in the house, but has assured me there is DEFINITELY

no chance! lol

Pam x

Oh there are some advantages to living alone. I never have to sit through football, cricket or rugby!

Mark, I saw Skyfall and really loved it… though not usually a James Bond fan, but it’s a very good film. Hope work goes ok today and no more spasms.

Well I was out at Morrisons at 10 this morning, buying bunch of roses for my lovely neighbour Huguettte who is 98 years old today! I gave her box of choc’s as well (after eating the fudge I had bought for her on Saturday!). She was very pleased and has had lots of flowers, choc’s and bottle of wine from others and many many cards.

Got myself some shopping while I was at it.

Now I better take it easy. Right hand is misbehaving as are the ole legs.

Cold but sunny in London town.

Have a good one everyone,

Pat x

Hi Pat

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t watch the footy, I just

love it, but you can keep rugby, cricket and golf.

Happy birthday to your lovely neighbour. Glad I am not the only

one who buys presents and then scoffs them myself and have to

buy more!! What are we like!

Dry and sunny here but soooooooooo cold, take care.

Pam x

Hi Pam I often feel like your daughter does. I am so overwhelmed by males, it’s not true! There is very little in my house that’s particularly feminine. I try hard but it gets pushed aside and I would certainly not have any more children - god forbid! Very cold today Pat. Glad you replaced Huguette’s fudge with some chocs. Happy that she was pleased. I lost my grandmother in March who was 96. It’s an unbelievable achievement. I can’t wait to see Skyfall. My eldest son saw it on Saturday and thought it was excellent. Keep warm all, Teresa xx

Hi all, work was not too bad today even if I did have to scrap the car windows first thing.

I am not a James Bond fan either but there had been so much hype and as I work at Jaguar/Landrover thought I had better see the vehicles in action !!!

Have got the cinema bug now though the last time I went was to see the Full Monty so not a regular - think Gambit might be the next one, as the wife loves Colin Firth.

Pat glad your neighbour had a nice birthday what a good age, bless her.

Pam I am a rugby fan, did run a junior football club for several years and was a referee along with my wife and two daughters for several years until the parents became too much to bear. Just think there is too much money in football these days and too many players think they are better than they are. It is a shame as it is spoiling the game. But there again I am an Ipswich Town fan and my wife is a Coventry City fan so that tells it own story.

spasm free day so far which has got to be a plus

take care all

Mark x

My OH is with J/L. Where are you based?