Lovely in London!

Hi gang,

Hope the rest of you are getting this gorgeous weather… blue skies and sunshine and warm.

Always makes me feel a bit guilty if it’s like this and I don’t go out… but not really feeling up to it!

I HAVE TO go out tomorrow for flu jab… which means it will most probably rain all day. Hey ho…

Downton tonight!

Hope you are all doing ok and having a nice Sunday,

Pat xx

Really overcast in the Lakes, and it’s supposed to piddle down soon. Autumn’s definitely here. Hope it’s fine for you tomorrow. I’m having a quiet day today too add I also have to go out tomorrow.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Cath xx

Its been a really nice sunny day here in Leeds too,not as i am making the most of it tho,been flat out for a week now,not feeling well at all x

Hi all, weather in humberside very warm 19c my strawberys are going red nicely some for tea hubby just brought them in. we went for a ride to humberbridge for a ice cream mmmm the cafe has closed shame.will have to get some out of frezzer, new grandchild nealy here 5/6 weeks we think. have a good week theres more sun coming for monday. regards Jan xx

I slept til the middle of the afternoon as I had a very late night last night but popped into town briefly today and it was actually very pleasant in Reading,bit too warm in the carwhen the sun came out - and I didn’t find the town centre quite as bad on a Sunday, only felt like kicking one person in the ankles (she did push her push-chair right across my path about 1 step in the of me!)


Hope you feel better soon MrsJ

Sonia x

Hi all

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, was out to lunch, and then Downton in the evening, just lovely.

Hope you all seen a bit of sunshine.

Pam x

Kittens are lovlier !!!