Beautiful Sunny Day in Margate

Sitting here looking out of the window bathed in sunshine. Margate is sunny again I did a blog post about out ride around the Island on Sunday, it just takes a bit of sun to change the world we live in. Most of us are only able to see the world by looking out at it and its much better with the sunshine rather than the rain. Hope you are all have a sunny day.

Love to you all. Don

Hi Don

Lovely sunny day here in Gloucestershire as well, and the spring flowers are just beginning to come out.

Far better looking out the window today, cos tomorrow our forecast is rain!!

Pam x

Sunny here in Leeds too, just been planting my pots and wooden wheelbarrow with daffodils,and primulas, i love spring flowers,they make me feel so happy,i suppose i will now be laid up for a week,as ive been baking too…

J x

Lovely and sunny in Herefordshire too, our forecast is rain tomorrow too Pam!

Nina x

Hi everyone

Sunny here in Aberdeen too.

Mags xx

Just to rub it in tomorrow it is due to be wall to wall sunshine again

We had a lovely sunny day in the Lakes too. A huge improvement on the gales and driving rain yesterday. I managed to get the throws from the sofas washed and dried on the line so I feel pleased. Sad aren’t I? But tomorrow the forecast looks terrible again. Typical spring. It’s nice seeing the flowers pushing up and the early lambs bouncing around though.

Cath x

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That’s an idea go and find some lambs to look at. Tomorrow sorted.

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How lucky are you Cath to live somewhere as beautiful as the Lakes. i love the place.

J x


After some of the awful places I’ve lived in my life I’m so grateful to have been able to retire here, not that I’d expected to be retired at my age. It wouldn’t suit everyone, where I live is quite isolated and my house is tiny, but my family and friends are nearby and I love it.

Cath x

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We went to Wakehurst Place (West Sussex) yesterday to see the early blooms. It’s fairly beautiful and very disabled friendly. Bit of a colder wind today but I still enjoyed to scoot up to my art class.

What a difference the sun makes.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Had a couple of gorgeous days here in London. Daffodils are out.

Dare I say it… (Spring is here… shhhh don’t say it aloud and jinx it).

Pat xx

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Sunny here, but a sneaky breeze. Had to go to a urology appt. this morning- enjoyed the car ride (fields full of lambs, rookeries going into overdrive etc) but the short wheelchair bits outside were a trifle chilly.

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We has meant to go out in the car and see the lambs but I stayed in bed and missed most of the day

Still maybe we will go tomorrow.

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Hopefully today will be a better one Don.

Cath x

Hello Don

The weather was so nice here last Saturday that we had a barbecue, Unfortunately it got cold again i got frozen through yesterday in my wheelchair, i must remember to take my hot water bottle next time.

Michelle x