Glorious weather in London!

Hi gang, really lovely here today! Blue sky and sunshine.

But when sun comes round to my windows this afternoon it will be blinds down and fan on!

Dickie will sleep in a sunny patch for a while but even he goes to find a cooler place.

Hope everyone is doing ok?

Have a lovely Sunday,

Pat xx


Hi Pat ,think you have the best of the weather 'darn sarf ’ lol…

it was sunny this morning, up here ’ int norf ’ but its cloudy now, but quite warm.its just nice for me as i dont like it too hot.

J x


Pleasant here in Gloucestershire, not too hot, thank goodness .

Have a lovely day everyone, footy season has started, that’ll do for me?

Pam x

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Ah well J it’s clouded over since I wrote post… so even cloudy darn sarf!!!

Pat xx

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Wev’e had lovely weather here too, Im off to Chester Zoo today with the girls and Frazer, I have a membership so my Carer goes free and Isabelle goes free because Mollys a member too…I thought I best go soon because the forcast for Thursday and Friday is heavy rain.

I hope that you and Dickie are doing okay I love his picture.

Michelle & Frazer x

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