Phew! London has gone tropical...

Hi gang, it’s bloody hot here!!! Now the sun’s gone down it’s really really humid… and windy… got my trusty fan on and managed to open my bedroom window extra wide by doing something nifty with the blind… far too complicated to explain! Inspector Montalbano tonight for those of us who love the sub-titled shows. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a great detective show set in Sicely. Really worth watching. Did I spell Sicely right? Looks wrong. Hope everyone is doing ok? Love to all and hope you’re having a good weekend. Stay cool. Pat xx :slight_smile:

Hi Pat

For the last two nights we have had dreadful thunder lightning and torrential rain, causing flash floods, quite scary stuff.

Thunder and lightning again all morning, but now it is so humid, horrible in fact. That’s the one drawback of living in a bungalow, you can’t have your window open to sleep.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, stay cool and take care.

Pam x

Hi Pat/ Pam That sounds like a nightmare Pat. It is not anything like that here. What channel is that on? Sounds like something I would like. We are watching the concert from Edinburgh Castle. See the fog there it is exactly like that here but it’s not cold. Well, not inside anyway. Have a lovely weekend. Mags xx

It’s been overcast and drizzling all day in the Lakes and we haven’t even had any of the promised thunder and lightening which I was so looking forward to. Funnily that’s one of the things I miss about living in South Africa where we got really bad storms throughout summer. They were spectacular to watch but scary when really close, I remember my house getting hit by lightening once and it did a lot of damage. Despite that I miss them.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be nice again so I might go for a walkabout. Have had a do nothing day today after a very tiring week and then I’ve got to move as much as I can into the bedrooms as I’m getting my new carpets and a kitchen floor on Thursday at last, something to look forward to. Then my house is almost complete, can’t wait.

Take care everyone.

Cath xx

It was on BBC4 at 9pm… and every Saturday for a few weeks. You’ll be able to catch it on iplayer. Pat xx

Just got my fix of Inspector Montalbano I love Saturday night’s sub title shows. It was good. Been baking here in Margate went storm chasing tonight will do blog post about it tomorrow 12:00 o’clock almost and as you know I need lots of beauty sleep.


Sp= Sicily. There you go! (Sorry, it’s the ex-teacher in me). Probably a bit hot for you there, Pat!

Hi All

Glad to hear you’re all bearing up.

Very humid and overcast here in the Midlands, whic is pretty grim and as even our fans don’t seem to be working at night and there’s hardly any wind/breezes to cool things down.

Evening TV very poor at the moment, imho. There again, I only really ever watch Sport and Current Affairs programmes, and prefer my kindle than the box.

[quote=“kevadams”] Sp= Sicily. There you go! (Sorry, it’s the ex-teacher in me). Probably a bit hot for you there, Pat! [/quote] Oh thanks Kev. It’s one of the things MS has taken from me… used to be a good speller. Sometimes now I struggle with a simple 3-lettered word! Though as with Sicily, I can see it looks wrong. Pat xx

Pat you’re not on your own with spelling mistakes. I used to be an excellent speller too and was one of those really anal people whose back went up if I received an official letter with errors and same goes for books, they stood out as if they were highlighted. Coincidentally I’ve just turned my kindle on to find the spelling of a medical condition my daughter and I share. Shocking as I’ve written it so many times and I was a nurse. I’m sure that these brain lesions are in fact malicious little worms burrowing in my head and feasting on my grey matter.

Gorgeous sunny day in the Lakes, washing is on the line and I’m a happy soul.

Take care those of you who don’t enjoy the weather

Cath xx

Likewise Pat and Cath, English in general was something I was good at…now I look at it knowing I’ve made a mistake but for the life of me I can’t work out what I have done wrong…when you wrote sicely Pat, I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out and even then I couldn’t work it out! I used to be like you Cath and inwardly fume when I spotted mistakes…I still notice grammatical errors …but spelling mistakes totally pass me by these days. Weather just perfect here today, warm, sunny but with a gentle breeze. Nina x

Kev, We will have to put you in charge of MS English! What did you teach? My daughter in law teaches English lit…my grandchildren moan and say " oh Mum why couldn’t you have been an art teacher"! Nina x

Like Pat, Cath and Nina, I too was an excellent speller, always the one at work who was asked how to spell things, but now I really struggle, and find it hard to accept.

I also find I get put out when people use incorrect grammar, don’t know why, but I do.

I have been astounded listening to my grandchildren telling us that they do not have incorrect spelling corrected at school, this to me seems ridiculous, but it appears to be the norm for school nowadays.

Best if I get off my soap box now!!

Pam x

Kev, let it go mate! It’s taken two years to get over target setting, assessment for learning, pupil progress reviews, daily reading assessment and targets, termly reports, performance management etc etc. I’m going to stop now as I’m getting a bit red. Your gold star for spelling Sicily is in the post!


Steve, I left teaching in 1990, only did 11 years, but it still have dreams about it. Usually I’m teaching and it suddenly dawns on me that I said I could never go back. Then I think , well, it seems to be going ok so far. Then I think, oh b*****r, it’s nearly half term and we haven’t done any maths at all yet this term, oh blimey, I haven’t even given them new exercise books, in fact I don’t even know where the stationery store is in this school, or who to ask for it… Etc etc. Anxiety anxiety anxiety. As if I don’t have enough to be anxious about!

I clearly remember my old English teacher drumming into our heads that incorrect spelling or grammar in letters showed a lack of respect. I don’t know why but that’s just one of those things has always stuck in my head.

I used to do loads of crossword puzzles too and like Pam everyone asked me how to spell things. Now I just get frustrated as I can’t find the answers hiding in my grey matter. I try to do other puzzles like sudoku a lot to improve my concentration and play card games too. I used to do the brain training exercises on my Nintendo ds but I get frustrated with them as the screen’s too small. You can’t please some people can you? I must sound like a nightmare to entertain but that’s not the case, I’m always doing something.

Cath xx