Cooler in London thank God!

Hi gang, yesterday was like being cooked in an oven!!!

Luckily cooler today!!!

Not much news… so just checking in to say Hi all and hope you’re doing ok?

Might go out on the scooter and get a bit of retail therapy!!! (just have to think of something I can’t live without… hmmmm… that’ll be food then… lol…).

Have a good day everyone…

Pat x

Update: retail therapy cancelled. Somebody pulled the plug… not on the scooter, on me. Lying on bed without an ounce of energy. Can barely type. Bug*er!!!

Oh well. A bad daytime film on Channel 5 soon. May as well give in. No energy to fight it.

At least I have a bed to lie on. Lots of people in world don’t even have that (counting blessings often helps I find).

Pat x (oh and I have big chunk of homemade lasagne in fridge made by an Italian friend of neighbour!)

Yum to the lasagne Pat - my favourite, homemade too! Thank God it’s cooler today. I really feel for you in London - it was bad enough here in Hampshire but you had it at least five degrees hotter. My legs hardly worked at all yesterday. Sorry that the fatigue has suddenly knocked you for six (like it does). Hope the film is slightly entertaining. Glad you can count your blessings Pat - sometimes it sure is hard! Thinking of you (stuffing you face with that lovely lasagne), Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Yep, cooler here in Gloucestershire too, thank God, yesterday you

could have fried an egg on my head!!

Sorry retail therapy was cancelled, fingers crossed for the TV has

something good for you to watch.


Thanks girls. I think it’s the heat that’s finally got to me…

Cra*ppy film was quite good. Completely mad woman obsessively in love with her boss. Just the sort of thing that’s good when you aren’t well.

Lasagne was fab. Just had to heat in microwave. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Keep cool everyone. London has heated up again… but not as humid as yesterday.

Pat xx

Hi, I can relate to the plug being pulled M

I am lucky and love sitting in the sun; I look like I’ve fallen in a cess pit; brown all over. Wasn’t always like that so I sympathise with you; mind you still feel Yuk if it’s too humid.

Here is some tips but your probably aware of them.

Could be when you have PPMS as long as me; 40 years; it improves. Something to look forward to eh!


Thanks for link George… some good tips on there… although I was told that cold showers make you hotter afterwards… also that they drink hot tea in India to stay cool (something about producing sweat)… so who knows? But many of the tips make sense.

London much much cooler today and even managed to scooter to the shops!

40 years George! God if I wait that long for an improvement I’ll be in my 90’s!!! But I’m one of the lucky ones… slow progressing ppms and hoping it stays that way!

Thanks again,

Pat x

It is so blissful now that it has cooled down. I am a human being again and no longer crabby and snappy. Legs are walking slightly better too. Teresa xx

Much cooler in West Sussex as well. Looks like rain in fact.