Happy Friday!

Am I actually feeling a bit better? YES I AM!

God that was a looooong recovery from one day at the seaside…

I’m showing a dvd in our communal lounge tonight… The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Terrible weather in London. Wet and grey. Hey ho… I don’t care… I’m up and dressed and no pains in legs!

How’s everyone doing???

Love to all,

Pat x

OH GOD I just realised it’s only THURSDAY!!!

OK so I’m feeling better but my poor old brain is still staggering around in a dark and confusing room…

Pat x

Yes Pat, your post`s title foxed me for a sec!

Ive read the book on the video youre showing. I really enjoyed it!

I love Fridays…it`s my day out with sis and then she comes back for a sleepover. Us 60+ golden girls have a great time, gigling, experimenting with make up , chatting and stuff.

Hope you day will be good too!

luv Pollx

Hi Pat I actually thought I’d got it wrong and was a day behind! I’m so glad you’re feeling better at last. Oh boy, that was a long old do, wasn’t it? I hope you all enjoy the film. I’ve heard really good things about it. If your brain is still staggering, I think most of us are the same! Teresa xx

Well it is now Friday…so happy Friday to all.

What are we all doing at the weekend?

Hahahahah… YES today IS actually Friday!!! So Happy Friday everyone.

No plans Steve… but hope it will include a meal out. I think it’s important when you don’t work to make the weekends a bit special. I always sleep a bit later, always try and have a meal out or at least a take-away. Try to have a good dvd in.

How are you M??? Any better hon???

Teresa, it was a long one wasn’t it? But I do think I had a cold virus that sent my MS crazy. As for my brain… well nice to know I’m not alone. The other day I spent about 10 minutes looking for my mobile only to realise I was holding it in my hand. It was like it had appeared there by magic. Gotta laugh!

Poll, I did enjoy the film. Nice gentle comedy and Judy Dench AND Maggie Smith… what’s not to like?

Have a good one everyone,

Pat x

Glad you have something to look forward to, Pat!

For me:

Fish and chips with the kids tonight.

Taking #2 rugby training tomorrow, then pie n mash w/ liquor - love it - then park, Bluewater for some new schmutter, then dinner at TGI or similar.

Sunday, teaching fractions to other kids, then doing a 60 piece ebay listing with #1, then out at a comedy night with new(ish) squeeze.

I tell myself this is called ‘making hay while the sun shines’.

Because when the wheelchair beckons, it will be comforting to feel that the lemon was wrung dry of every last drop.

I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better at last Pat. You’re always so upbeat and kind and helpfull.

The Marigold Hotel is a great film. My 14 year old daughter, me (46) and 81 year old mum all enjoyed it! Its rare to find something that appeals to us all!

Hope you manage to get out for a bit over the weekend, but maybe not a trip to the seaside!


hi pat

good to hear up and about

well gorgeous day in south wales not a cloud in sky bit chilly though

tonight take-away and dvd with partner

sat making jam and chutney for family and friends

just got in and energy prices going up,had to be bitter aftertaste,ah well not getting me down


Thanks guys. Yes maybe I should avoid trips to seaside!

It’s a tricky thing though. I do something (virtually anything!) and then have to recover however much I try to pace myself and take it easy. But if I don’t do anything… well there’s the bit that’s tricky… I don’t do anything! And surely even though knocked out with fatigue it’s better to do something sometimes and pay the price!!!

Steve, just reading your post made me tired! You know some people with MS don’t get fatigue at all. I know a woman with PPMS who is quite disabled… wheelchair user… and she doesn’t get any fatigue. Also worth remembering that not everybody ends up using a wheelchair… and even if they do, not the end of the world.

If I bump into someone I used to know pre-MS on my mobility scooter, they look astounded, embarrassed, sad, terrified, either very much ‘oh you poor thing’… or ‘sorry but I’m running late’. So stupid really as to me it’s just what I need to use to get around. I just thank whoever it was who invented them. I’m still me but I get around on a scooter.

Can’t blame them though… I probably would have been the same before ‘MS World’.

Thought for the day… LOL…

Well now I am going out on my scooter to buy some food for my goldfish!

Pat x

Hi Pat

Glad you are feeling better and don’t worry about your brain…today

I was panicking looking for my glasses…you guessed it…they were on

me face. What are we like, eh?

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Pam x

Hi Pat So glad you are out and about, doing your usual things. Any virus can muck up the MS , can’t it? Luckily I had my flu jab on Wed, so that’s one sorted. Unfortunately, the boys will bring bugs home from school and college. It probably won’t be long… My brain does such weird things to me now. I’m just having to learn to live with it! Anyway, glad it’s the weekend. No getting up at 6:30 to get all the boys sorted. Hurrah. Have a great one everyone. Teresa xx

Hi Pat. good day today l have seen the dvd you talk about l enjoyed it nice clean film we could do with more.

Suns out in humberside just now yes we have had the rain l am glad the man came to clean the gutters they where full he tells me.

Ive not been to the sea side for a week or two some friends came took us out that took me two days to get over. A lady at the book club told me she was saving plastic milk bottol tops for an air ambulance so l told a few more now l have a black sack in garden full l just hope someone will take it for me. You take care and keep warm Regards Jan xxmy cat Tabby x

hahaha… I saved silver milk bottle tops for my grandson… I still have a milkman!

Washed them carefully and saved dozens of them in a plastic bag for him. Soon as he opened it he said ‘Pooh Nana these smell!’ He was right… they did.

Next day I saw that my daughter-in-law had them soaking in a bowl… but I bet they ended up in the bin!

Oh well we can but try…

Love and a kiss for Tabby,

Pat x