1st June..

Good morning guys, it’s 1st June. I can hardly believe it but here we are and the sun is shinning, what more could we ask? Don’t start me on that, take care folks be safe and enjoy what you have or at least try to make the most of it. M xxx

Hi M,

I also cannot believe it is June already, time goes so fast nowadays.

Sun is shining here in good 'ole Gloucestershire…just wish this

bloody fatigue would give it a rest, so I could enjoy it as well.

Seems so unbelievable that I have such horrible fatigue, but find it so

hard to sleep. This ms is really a pain!

Take care

Pam x

Pinch punch… NO it can’t be June already!!!

Sun is trying to peep through the clouds in London… but apparently we are in for a fine day.

Pam… sorry your fatigue is so bad hon. Horrid to be so tired but unable to sleep. The Ami usually knocks me out… but not always.

M… nice to see you hon. Still no smileys? (your favourite smiley just for you)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend,

Pat x

Lovely to have this sunny weather - not too hot yet! I think I have actually seen a slight improvement in the functioning of my legs in this lovely sunshine or is it just wishful thinking? Anyway, long may it continue! Sorry about the fatigue Pam - not being able to sleep too, vile! I get that sometimes and hate it! Hope you all enjoy the weather and the weekend! Teresa xx

No smileys

Still no smileys Pat but sending ‘cool shades’ and a ‘heart’ x. Fatigue is such a bummer along with everything else, have you tried a relaxation tape/CD? I don’t always hear it but it does make me nod off, audio books? Don’t try to go to sleep and tell yourself that! Chin up folks, take care M x

If I accept the ‘cookies’ do I get the smileys? ?

Hi all, sun out there getting close to the longest day so the lighter nights will slowly start to go not sat out side yet on an evening. It will be xmas before we know it. enjoy it take care regards Jan