Jeez !!!

Hi all

Hope today has been kind to you all, and apologise for my ranting, I so need to get it off my chest to people I know understand.

After another night struggling to sleep, I got up went into the kitchen and caught the cupboard doorknob on my wheelchair, tried to reverse, to no avail, went forward and ripped the door off its hinges!

As you can imagine, floods of tears, with hubby saying don’t worry I can mend it. Whilst he was busy mending it, I thought I would be useful, and make him a cup of coffee. Tried picking the cup up, the the contents all over the work surface, so more tears.

Everything mended and cleaned up, but I have felt like s***e all day, and soooo guilty, which I know is silly, cos all of it was an accident.

I b*y well hate ms, and just wonder what is the point of trying so hard jusfor each day to be the same old se, at the moment even my sense of humour has deserted me.

I hope now I have got rid myself of my rant, I will be able to sleep at bedtime.

Big thanks.

Pam x


Oh Pam,

This is the best place to rage against the beast. Sometimes our spirit can be temporarily broken. I find that at this time of year, sleep is elusive except when I need to be awake. The other week we had a home delivery from a supermarket but my wife was out. I attempted to put the packet of frozen spinach into the freezer. It never happened and I left a trail of devastation. That was the beast giving me a full on smack in the face. I make light of it now but I had a complete sense of humour failure.

Best wishes, Steve x


Aww Pam hope you sleep better tonight, I feel for you it is total sxxxe in episodes some longer than others. I send you some magic sleeping dust and wish you a better day tomorrow.

Pauline xxx


Pam it sounds like you have a gem of a husband there, allow yourself to vent the frustrations and im sure you will both laugh about it soon.

Jan x


Hang in there Pam. We all have days like this, although yours does sound particularly tough.

Nowt wrong with ranting, imho. I suspect you’ll feel miles better after a goodish bit of sleep and, apparently, something called ‘Downturn Abbey’ is on later which, so I’ve been told, does often cheer some people up so every dark cloud and all that.

(I’ll be watching homeland!)

Take care now.



Oh Pam days like that are so frustrating. I had one last week where everything I went near either jumped out to trip me up or slipped from my grasp. I hope you had a good night’s sleep and that the world becomes friendly and works towards helping instead of hindering you.

Cath x


Hi Pam

I hope things re better for you today, im feeling really ill at the moment,feels like a relapse on the way,oh the joys of ms NOT.


J x

Oh Pam that’s horrid.

My little story isn’t quite so dramatic… I managed to drop an open tub of fish food… flakes… they bounced up in the air like that cloud from an atom bomb and then landed covering most of living room carpet. Tried to sweep up which just made it worse… so had to drag the hoover out.

This all before breakfast!

Hope you are feeling better now hon.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx


Hi all

Sorry I am not replying individually, but just wanted to say a huge thank you to all you lovely people for responding to my ranting.

I can’t put into words the gratitude I have for all of you, just knowing you understand makes it easier to deal with. As good as my family and friends are trying to understand, how can they.

Todat is a little better as I managed to get some sleep last night, and at least I have not demolished anything today! (so far)

Take care you guys, hope all is well for you all.

Pam xx


Hi Pam,

I’m so sorry, it’s really really horrible, isn’t it ? I do feel for you, had a couple of rotten nights myself. I will never understand how it’s possible to be so unbelievably tired and not be able to sleep. It’s not lack of movement because it used to happen to me just as much when I was considerably more mobile.

my most recent messy mishap was a full pot of yoghurt …up the walls, over the bed, carpet etc etc… Glad they weren’t mixed with Pats fish flakes!

hope today is much better for you Pam,

love Nina x


Pam sorry your feeling so crap I put it down to the weather. I recommend a course of smiles, just start of with a brief grimace and work up to full blow ear to ear monster smiles. If you fancy a good cry try the Christmas movies on yellow. I watched one the other day that I had seen last year. I blabbered at last year and guess what ? I cried even more this year.

Hugs from almost sunny Margate

X Don

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Hi Pam,

Hope things are a bit better now. If I was in a wheelchair I probably wouldn’t have a kitchen door left intact.

My husband is constantly " tutting " at me for some clumsy thing I have done but we still have a laugh afterwards.

We all have ( I hate MS days ) it’s allowed.

I’m with you on the Christmas movies Don they are dire but you do get a good blubber. Today I am going to watch missing on the I player it is excellent.

We have had some horrendous showers of rain here lately and it is very cold and damp here today. A chocolate day except I am not allowed chocolate.

Mags xx

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Pam, hope you’re over it now. S**t happens, especially to us.

​grrrrr, grrrr, sashin’ fashin’ owwowooowww bloomin’ heck, pee, po, belly, bum, drawers etc etc

there, that’s better !

Kev x

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Hi everyone

Thanks for your kindness, I can laugh about it now, and am ready when ms s***e strikes again, I will give it what for!!

Mind you I surprised myself, I didn’t realise I knew so many expletives!! Lol

Hope you all have a good day.

Pam x

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