To quiet...

Hi folks

This board is to quiet without me, thank goodness for Pat Maybe that’s why we go on holiday it’s so great to come home and catch up with friends. Take care M

Hi H

Nice to see you are back, I agree it is quiet, but I suppose there is not much to say when every day is the same as the one before!

Did you go anywhere nice?


Hi Pam

Corfu, lovely weather good food and little excuse needed to let my brain rest… Getting from A to B was a challange SO at times I sat at C and frankly tried not to move at all. I missed everyone is that sad?take care I’m glad to be home. Hard work being out of my comfort zone what a ‘softie’ M

Hi H

I bet you never missed “our weather”. Our little cul de sac had a jubilee street party on the Monday.

During the morning all looked fine, so the gazebos went up and bit by bit food and drink arrived on the tables. 3pm came and we all duly went out…10 mins later down came the rain (torrential) and we were all huddled together under the gazebos! typical…but we carried on in a “british way”, and in a funny way, it was quite enjoyable.

Take care


That’s what we do make the best of things, that’s what I love about our country. I had to put the c/heating on…

Hope everyone has a good day, it’s not the gorgilla in the room it’s the pile of washing, take care, M

Awful weather!!!

I saw in Radio Times that there was an old crime film on at 1.20. I love those old British black-and-white films so was really looking forward to it. Even phoned my sister and told her as she likes them as well.

Got myself all set up on recliner with a bowl of soup and a sandwich… only to realise I was looking at tomorrow’s listing!

Blo*dy disappointing… will now have to do it all again tomorrow. Better be a good film after all this.

Have a good one everyone (sorry, just read my post and realised that it really is the height of trivia… expect it sent you all off to sleep… my life has really become so small I could fit it into a thimble).

Love ya, Pat x

You and me both Pat! Teresa xx

Rubbish, we are brilliant!!! Here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed,is this normal? The film will be as good as you remember AND ‘Polly-Anna’ moment you’ve had another 24 hours of delayed gratification… Maybe the holiday has done me some good, I feel a rant coming on OR have I just had it/

Take care folksM

Watched about 20 minutes of the film… awful… rubbish! Oh well…

Glad you are bright eyed and bushy tailed M. I think it’s normal reaction to being home again! But also maybe it did some good… change of scene, sunshine, good food, and really that feeling that you actually did do it!!!

Teresa, glad I’m not the only one living the ‘tiny life’…

Bingo in our communal lounge tonight and our usual caller isn’t well so I’m calling! Done it before and is a bit exhausting and makes me very croaky… but it’s doing ‘my bit’ so makes me feel good.

Eyes down ladies… (we don’t have gents!)… for a full house…

Pat x

Hi Pat

Bingo!! what do I win? lol


Won £4.50 tonight!

(even though I was caller, somebody else played for me).

Might run off to Monte Carlo!!!

Pat x (very croaky now… sound like a Darlek!)

You are a star and a winner! Hope everyone has a good day, I’m going to take care, M

Hope everyone having a good day!

My sister came over and we had a bit of lunch and laugh and lots of chatter! Lovely… but now

Take care to love to all the gang,

Pat x

It’s freezing! I’m wearing socks and a woolly cardigan, don’t tell anyone Glad you had a nice bleather with your sisterTake care,folks M

It IS cold! I sat in garden for about 5 minutes… was freezing and hurricane blowing!

Another day indoors… but did some laundry (we have free launderette here!) so achieved something I guess…

Have a good day gang…

Pat x

Hi, further admission, I’ve got the heating on . Hope everyone has a good day, take care M

Me too

Have a good one…

Pat x

Hi Pat & H

Absolutely freezing here, rain and windy as hell. Great day for TV I suppose,

but nowt on till the footy tonight. England done good last night, keep going boys!

Take care and keep warm


Hi Pam, yes heard England won!

I’m not into the footy but my 98 year old neighbour has just discovered it and can’t stop watching! She’s very excited about it all.

Very windy here!!!

Yes nice cosy evening in (for once LOL…).

Pat x