Could this bank holiday be more boring?!

It’s grey out. It’s just started raining. It’s chilly. There is absolutely nothing worth watching on telly ALL DAY!!! (well there’s a documentary about public information films on at 10.15 tonight which I might watch). I know I won’t see a soul all day.

Really folks, could this bank holiday be more boring?

Time to count blessings: I’m not in pain. I have a nice, cosy flat. I have some good food in the freezer.

OMG… well just as I typed the above I got a text. A friend suggesting she turn up with some food and we watch DVDs. Well what can I say… bit spooky that should happen just as I was counting blessings…

Wishing you all well… I hope I’m not the only one who has a bit of luck out of the blue today.

Pat x

Hi Pat

In a nutshell…no! It is raining, freezing and windy here, and nowt on telly!

Enjoy your company today.


Well there you go, Pat! Every cloud and all that!

My bank holiday wasn`t boring. I met one of my lovely carers and we went to Asda. We had lunch and shopped.

I bought myself 2 new bath towels, a grey lacy cardi, and a vest top with satin buttons!

Came home and made myself a bag for my meds for our hols, on Thursday.

Hubby is preparing my tea and i`m off to bed soon. Soaps galore on tv tonight!

I`m a happy bunny!

Hope you enjoyed your surprise visitor.

luv Pollx

Glad you had a great day Poll. Where are you going for your hols?Somewhere nice? Teresa xx

Thanks Pam and Poll. Was lovely of my friend to come but then was very dizzy and had bad episode of hug. Excitement!

Still… not complaining (except to say that now it’s nice to be on my own again and can go to bed… there’s no pleasing some people…)

Pat x

PS… Poll are you going to Blackpool? xx

Ah Ha! I think (you know I do), I have not rambled for a while BUT I feel a ramble/waffle coming on. TV is a pain in the neck, it’s all rubbish. Not to worry I am pottering around not going very far or fast BUT I am pottering…

Take care folks, M

Hi Teresa and Pat, not Blackpool…yet! Am still awaiting a decision on funding for that.

Going to Glos area. This hol will be a test to see how I cope in the camper, without my hoist. Wish me luck.

luv Pollx

Good luck Poll . Really really hope it works out well for you. Fingers and toes crossed!!! (ouch)

Hey M, glad to hear you’re pottering. Me too! AND the sun is popping in and out…

Pat x

Yes, Good Luck Poll, hope you cope well and have a really lovely time! Fingers crossed for great weather. Teresa xx

HI Pat l hope you had a good day after all. l think they are a waste of a day, l don t see family at all wanted to go for a ride to the seaside but had a feed up feeling so stayed at home all day. Hubby had to so nurse at drs she sent him to see dr he then sent him to hosptial for a dvt scan all because he said that his carfe was painfull tests all clear thank god. well you take care lov Jan xxxx

Hi Jan, well it was lovely of my friend to come but unfortunately my energy levels are so poor it kind of did me in. Hey ho. A lovely friend came to see me and spend time with me so I’m grateful for that.

Good to hear your hubby’s tests were clear.

Hope you’re not so fed up now Jan. This weather really does not help at all does it? I know we don’t like it hot but hey, a bit of sunshine would make a difference. I would like the joy of getting on scooter and going for ride-around without having to put layers on or worry about getting caught in downpour.

Take care hon, thinking of you, Love Pat xxxx