happy holidays

Hi Guys,

l hope you all have a good bank holiday and enjoy the jubilee,

l shall be sat watching the tv and maybe the family will pop in if l am lucky.

best make some buns and if they don t me and the dog will.

Love to all

regards Jan xxhappy2

Hi Jan

I hope you  have a lovely time as well.  I live in the small cul de sac and we

are hoping to have a small party on Sunday afternoon, but looking at the

weather forecast, I think we may have to change the day.


Hope everyone has a lovely time.


Hope you both, Jan and Pam, have a lovely time... and all the gang as well.

The sheltered scheme where I live is having a little 'do' on Monday evening. We're watching the concert in the communal lounge... sausage rolls and crisps, cakes and beer... should be fun.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Pat x thumbsup