Merry Christmas PPMSers

Wherever you are, whatever you’re planning to do, I hope you have a lovely, pain-free Christmas.

If by chance you’re finding it difficult, remember, it will soon be over so hang on in there.

Lots of love,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope you and everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR Take care Paul from Australia

Merry Christmas Pat. we had a lovely day with my girls and the grand kids, Christmas is definitly made special when you have children. If they hadn’t been there it would have just been another day. Hope you had a nice day.

So the sales have started today !!! Well I won’t be going to any I hate crowded shops, I can never get around them in my scooter, people seem to have a death wish jumping in front of me. then looking at me as if I’ve driven into them on purpose. It’s a nice day warm for this time of year, I think I’ll go for a walk (drive) down the beach.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne, yes had a lovely Christmas thanks. It all seems to have disappeared in a blur… and I don’t even drink. One minute it’s Christmas Eve and you’re getting all excited and within a blink of an eye it’s Boxing Day evening and you wonder where it all went! Actually I know where it all went. LOADS of food. LOADS of telly (well dvds actually as there wasn’t much on the box).

I’m exhausted and about a stone heavier… but hey it was nice and nothing went wrong and my MS even behaved itself… so NO complaints!

Hope you had nice drive down beach. Sounds lovely!

Pat x

I know what you mean Pat, I’ve ate all sorts over the past 4 days, loads of chocolate erg!!

I’m supposed to be trying to loose some weght so I can get a nice outfit for my eldest daughters wedding next year, so thats not happening at the moment.

It was very windy when we went down the beach, so it felt very cold sitting on my scooter. We were only there about 40 mins but the dogs liked it, ha.

We’re staying in this New years eve watching TV and peace and quiet, are you doing anything? Take care.

Lynne xx

NO Lynne… not going anywhere New Year’s Eve. Can’t stand going out in evening at the best of times… and that’s one night when I definitely wouldn’t venture out. It will be yet MORE GOOD FOOD and Jules Holland on the box!

Take care and hope you get down to beach today.

Pat x

Hi Pat, New Years Eve will find me tucked up in bed.all cosy and snuggly with my toy poodle Lucy. Hubby will come in a give us both a kiss at midnight and then climb into his bed and there well be…safe and sound in 2012.

Happy New Year to you.

luv Pollx

I know what you mean Pat, I never go to pubs I find them boring now. We go to a club every monday night just because it’s quiz night and we have a few games of bingo. we go with my friend who is severely affected by MS and she still can hold her marker to stamp her bingo card. We have a good laugh and she has a good memory which is handy for the quiz…

Well have a peaceful and ‘healthy’ New year everyone.

Lynne xx

Poll, Lynne and everyone. Happy New Year!!!

I think cosy-at-home is the best there is…

Pat xx

Hey Steve you old git where have you been? There was me thinking how nice and peaceful it was on here and hey presto you come along and all hell’s let loose.

I’m still pegging along Steve and by the looks of it you are too.

Best wishes mate and see you on here soon,


I’m not sure that I’m either old or old to this site but I’ve heard of the ‘Oldgit’ from the last incarnation of this web site.

It must have been at least 10 months since I posted on here, not that anybody was particularly interested then - probably not miserable enough to be accepted. However, you appear to be the only bloke in this ‘tupper wear party’ outfit

So I hope you’ve got your bits sorted and look forward to the forthcoming banter :slight_smile: