For all you PPMS Golden girls and boys...

I posted this on EL… but want to post it here too especially for us PPMSers.

MS at Christmas

Christmas is here

Santa Claus and good cheer,

but for us with MS

it can be full of stress.

So much to be done

with fatigue it’s no fun,

both Holly and Ivy

wishing we were more lively!

It’s hard when our legs

don’t work like they did,

when vision is blurry

and fingers jig-jig.

It’s hard when it’s painful

numb, twitchy and buzzy,

it’s hard when our thoughts

and emotions are fuzzy.

But you have no need to fear

because we are all here,

sharing our stories

fighting ‘reforms’ from the Tories!

We shout and we laugh

and we cry and we cheer,

be it bladder or bowels

it’s all discussed here.

We talk about kids,

about sex

about love,

we look over the edge

and to the stars up above.

So listen up friends

from John O’Groats to Land’s End,

we are all here together

like birds of a feather,

to support and befriend

with good wishes to send.

Whoever you are

and wherever you be,

you are special to us

your MS family.

Love and peace this Christmas,

Pat x

Pat, that’s fantastic!!! Bless ya! There we are, captured in a poem. Lotsa love, Debs x

Pat that’s fantastic, thank you, you are a very clever


Pam x

Found it on EL - thanks Pat. Awesome! Teresa xx

Wonderfull Pat! Hope you have a great Christmas x

Thank you so much for this Pat. It’s lovely and just the thing to cheer me up.


Dear Pat, you are simply the bestM

What a great poem Pat,have a wonderful christmas and lets hope we all have a New Year where that Monster stays in his cage as much as possible.

Take care all