MS at Christmas: a little home-made gift from me to you all.

To all MSers – including limbo-landers, friends from overseas and those who have had their diagnosis changed!

MS at Christmas

Christmas is here

Santa Claus and good cheer,

but for us with MS

it can be full of stress.

So much to be done

with fatigue it’s no fun,

both Holly and Ivy

wishing we were more lively!

It’s hard when our legs

don’t work like they did,

when vision is blurry

and fingers jig-jig.

It’s hard when it’s painful

numb, twitchy and buzzy,

it’s hard when our thoughts

and emotions are fuzzy.

But you have no need to fear

because we are all here,

sharing our stories

fighting ‘reforms’ from the Tories!

We shout and we laugh

and we cry and we cheer,

be it bladder or bowels

it’s all discussed here.

We talk about kids,

about sex

about love,

we look over the edge

and to the stars up above.

So listen up friends

from John O’Groats to Land’s End,

we are all here together

like birds of a feather,

to support and befriend

with good wishes to send.

Whoever you are

and wherever you be,

you are special to us

your MS family.

Love and peace this Christmas,

Pat x

Thanks for that lovely thought Pat. I think you are a wonderful, inspirational and amazing person.

love from abroad,



Thank you so much for that ! I Hope everyone has a great Christmas and lets hope the new year brings us new drugs (that help!) and a government that actually understands !!! Love Margaret x

oh wow Pat! that’s great. Merry Christmas, loe Bex xxx

Lovely Pat - that is really awesome! Merry Christmas, Love Teresa xx

Thanks for that Pat.

Have a lovely christmas.


Aww that’s lovely, hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a stress free healthier New Year xx

christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat

we all love our dear friend pat!

(no where near as good as yours but…)

carole x

Thanks for that Pat, and all the very best to you too.

Merry christmas

jaki xx

Thanks, merry christmas. X

Thank you Pat :slight_smile: I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Hogmanay, and that 2013 is kind to you. Karen xx

Thanks Pat. Have a lovely Christmas and a great 2013

Ursie xx

Thanks pat. Hope you and yours have a healthy and happy christmas xxx

How lovely your post is Pat. Here’s wishing you all the very best for 2013. Linda x

Eee, that`s grand tha knows!

And tha`s a grand lass too!

much luv from Polly xxx

Wonderful. And a very happy Christmas to you Pat. Dx

Thank you Pat,

That was beautiful and I felt like crying as I read your lines, but I didn’t. Have a really good Chrismas and a Happy New Year.



Thank you all for your lovely, heartwarming messages…

Pat x

Hi Pat

Thank you ~ beautifully written.

Happy Christmas

Jody x