Best Wishes To You All

Hope you are all doing as well as you can.

I’ve not been round here much of late because…I moved house 4 weeks ago and all of my spare time has been taken before, during and after the move.

I’m now in my bungalow and thanks to you all for persuading me to do so as I’m seeing the advantages of living on one floor. It’s kind off like going on holiday and discovering where everything is.

My life is appointment after appointment in trying to get my bathroom sorted out and calls from my occupational health visitor.

Can’t guarantee of my regular posting as still lots to do but I’ve got to space it all out.

All the best and hope to electronically speak to you soon.


Glad your in and getting sorted, hope all is sorted for Christmas. X


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So glad you finally moved Mr G, take care of yourself and have a lovely Christmas.

Nina x

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Glad you are already feeling the benefit Mr G. Have a lovely Christmmas.

Pam x

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Merry christmas mr grumpy

J x

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Merry Christmas and a Merrier New Year

Jan x

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Merry Christmas Mr G!

Great to hear from you and to hear that you have moved!!!

New chapter beginning for you and if I look into my crystal ball… one moment while I look… ah yes… I see great things in the coming year. A new start. A new road to travel. A new star on your horizon.

All the best,

Pat xx