Hi all the day has finely got here hopefully this week end so l may not be on for a while so all take care l have my next cancer tablets on thur if l am ok flu jab last week no side effects take care all regards Jan xx

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Hi Jan

Really pleased for you, but try not to overdo things, every time you can…delegate.

Hope everything goes well, take care as moving can be stressful.

Pam x

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Hi Jan

Good luck with the move. Remember delegate! delegate! delegate.

Mags xx

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Hi Jan,

Wishing you you the very best of luck!

As Pam and Mags have said …delegation is the answer!

Will be thinking if you, take care and good luck,

Nina X

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Don’t overdo it Jan, do as everyone says and delegate.

Best wishes and loads of luck

Jan x

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Very happy for you Jan… but as others have said… delegate!!!

I rather love the first night in a new house… even though there’s all the unpacking to do… etc etc etc… I love the feeling of finally being there and the newness of it all.

Hope you’re not away from us for too long.

Good luck and remember it doesn’t all have to get done at once…

Pat xx

Hope your move goes off ok, please dont do too much though,if i were to move i would get them to come and pack everything for me,expensive but oh so worth it.

J x