Hello all; how we all doing?

Sorry for not responding to the other posts, which I have read, but been very busy work/house move wise.

Hope you are all ok and enjoying the vit d sunshine.

Clucker cluck cluck claarck etc.

Will post more substantively soon.



Hi CP, great to see you on here!

Hope the house move went well? It’s such hard work isn’t it? There’s always so much to do.

Let us know how things are going… and glad you’re still popping in to see us!

Take care,

Pat xx

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Good to see you back CP.

Hope you are recovering from the house move?

Not a good combination MS and moving

Wishing you all the best,

Nina x


Nice to see you on here CP.

Hope you have settled in to your new home.

Pam x

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Hi CP,

Nice to hear from you. We moved in march this year and it was busy, chaotic and stressful but well worth it. Nearly got the house the way we want it. All ready for what MS throws at me as house is wheelchair friendly but still hoping Its a preventative measure.

Hope you have had no ill effects.

Mags xx

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