Hi - no posts....

Hi folks

There’s been no posts since the 14th April, not sure what we’d do without PatB. I have mentioned in the past when this happens, I tend to waffle AND ramble!!!

May we take as a given that MS sucks? Life is difficult BUT if you are mad/daft enough we can survive and get something out of what we are left with???

As always folks I send my very best wishes and if you are in a dark place hopefully it won’t last for too long Welcome there is hope take care, M

Hi hon, nice to see you .

I started the day full of energy. Went out on scooter, felt full of beans… then… well you can guess what happened. Sooooooo here I am back in bed.

Oh well at least I got out and got a bit of shopping and even bought a new broom… really I did… one of those with a dustpan with a long handle so don’t have to bend over. What is it they say? A new broom sweeps clean!!! (well it will when I get round to using it…)

Have a good one M.

Take care,

Pat xx

Chill babe, no wonder you are exhausted… Toooooooooooooooo much with the new broom, it may be Spring but there’s always tomorrow.OR so i tell my dust! That will make me rant again, take careM

Lend us that new broom if you find it has helped…I mean with MS stuff, not a dusty floor.

luv Pollx