Jan and Pam??? MODS can you help?

Where are you both?

Jan I’m assuming you still can’t post… and I had no answer from Stewart tech guy who I messaged.

Hope both you two Golden Girls are doing OK?

MODS jan139 can’t post… can you help at all?


Pat x

Hi Pat Yes l think l can post now fingers crossed this get through. just been in gardan to pick 3 red strawberrys mmm to pop in my yogurt. Back to see dr in morning to look at my hand a lot better just skin tight useing my hand cream a lot. I did get a post from Stewart looking for the posts that where missing l think he only found one. best wishes to all post soon Jan xx

Hi everyone,

I have not been on the laptop for 3 weeks cos my sister is

visiting me from Australia, she has been taken out to lunch

today by friends, so I just turned the laptop on quickly and

saw Pat’s message.

She goes back home on Sunday and I will be back to normal

then, and will tell you all about our reunion then.

How nice of you to think of me…that has really touched

me, thankyou.

Pam x

Glad everything is tickety boo Pam. Have a fab time with your sister! Teresa xx

Great to hear from you Pam.

Have a lovely time with your sister and see you soon,

Pat x

Pam - you have waited a long time to see your sister - enjoy every moment. best wishes. Teresa.x