teresa (trees)

Hi all

I havent seen Teresa on the forum, does anyone knoww if she is ok?

Pam x

Hi Pam, I just took a look at her most recent post. It was last Wednesday (12th) in reply to my neuro visit post. Not very long but on the other hand quite a long time for Teresa… hope she’s ok, see’s this and responds. If you’re out there Teresa, let us know how you are. How are you Pam? Ok I hope. I’m not too bad (for a change!). Pat xx

Hi Pat

I am ok, thanks, glad you feel better than you did.

I thought it was longer than last week since I had seen anything from Teresa, the last I knew she was having a bad time with her legs. Hope I have got that right, and its not ms bloody fog again!

How did you check when she last posted? Obviously you are the computer “whiz kid” and I’m not! lol

Cloudy morning, but sun here now.

Pam x

Pam if you click on someone’s user name you can see their recent posts. Of course I had to look for a post from her first. Not a whiz kid! A bit wizened maybe! Was sunny here…and very mild. Pat xx

I have learnt something new today Pat, thanks.

Pam x