Anyone heard from Bridget and Gerry?

Not seen any posts on here for ages. Do hope they’re ok. Anyone heard from them?

Pat x

Hi Pat, eeee, funny you should ask that. Only this morning I was wondering about them too.

I know Gerry was badly affected by MS and he had other issues to.

Worrying when we don`t hear, innit?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, can’t see a Bridget post on the carers board either. I remember her last post Gerry was doing very badly. I hope they’re doing ok.

Bridget, if you’re out there love, let us know how you’re doing.

Pat x

I have wondered about them, too. That’s the thing about communicating on a forum instead of in the flesh, people can completely disappear, sad but true. I hope B & G are ok, I don’t think they made the transition to the new website.

B x

Hi everyone! I just had a quick look at this site for the first time in what seems like years and I saw a post asking about us…very touched

Gerry is in a hospice at the moment but will hopefully be home next week

Hes very poorly now with MS but has had a colostomy which makes things easier. Hes had infection after infection and has recently had some work done on his teeth which has wiped him out.

Its the pain thats the real problem and hes up to the top leve of all the Neuro drugs so I had him admitted to the Hospice to let them have a go at sorting it!

Im still working but only part time now but Ive had to make it clear that this needs sorting as I cannot be up all night and look after him during the day as well…

Hope everyone is ok…


Hi Bridget, Oh I am so pleased to hear from you. I so often wonder how you and Gerry are doing.

Sorry to hear that Gerry is struggling with everything, and living with pain is terrible… but glad he’s staying in a hospice and hope they can get the drugs sorted… and also hope you are allowing yourself a bit of a rest and ‘breathing space’.

Hope you can sort out the job issue. I suppose it’s a case of giving up work yourself… or maybe having a night carer? A woman where I live has 24 hour carers so I assume there is provision for it somehow.

Anyway Bridget, truely happy to hear from you. I’m doing ok. Still progressing but I’m very very lucky that progession is slow.

Please give my love to Gerry and of course Bridget love to you.

Pat x

Aha! There you are! Good job Pat persisted in finding you, eh?

Innit lovely when folk are missed and then found?

I am also glad to see you back and hope Gerry`s pain levels can be sorted. Poor lad, certainly had more than his share, eh?

as you may recall, i go to our local hospice twice a year, to give hubby a good rest from me!

When I am there, they are very keen to rid folk of pain, as much as poss.

So hopefully that will be the case for gerry.

You look after you too, yeh?

luv Pollx

Well done Pat, between us we`ve found our Bridget and gerry. Smashing!

luv Pollx

Hi there

I’m glad you took a look at the boards and found that you’ve been missed, Bridget. I hope Gerry is able to come home and that you manage to get help to care for him at home, so that you can continue to work (amongst other things, I mean).

Love to you both… and not forgetting Pat and Polly, too

Bouncy xx