Not good...

Hey folks,

I know all is not well when I can’t be bothered to post etc. I either have an infection OR my MS has decided ‘to bite me’ how much fun is MS when you are hoping for an infection?

Legs heavier than normal - and that is saying something

Less stable

Eye twitch

Oh! did I mention I’m p**sed off being disable?

I’m sure you’re happy to hear from me, take care folksM

Always good to hear from you darlin’ and so sorry you’re not doing well. Let’s hope it is an infection as a quick dose of antibiotics and Bob’s your uncle (or your aunt’s live-in lover).

Hang on in there. You know what this pesky MS is like. It might turn over and go back to sleep for a while… well ok that is asking too much… but it might get back in its armchair and doze for a while.

Rest hon. Get into bed and stay there for a while. Turn on the telly and watch any old crappola. Certainly hope you have got a telly in the bedroom. I would say it’s an MS necessity!

Take care and thinking of you…

Pat x

I`ve got a tv/dvd player in my bedroom. How else could i spend 15 hours a day in bed?

luv Polly x

Te he Poll… yes I’ve got TV, dvd, radio, cd player, an electronic thing that I play Scrabble on (can’t remember what it’s called), I take my laptop in there… um… oh yeah on really bad fatigue days I take a thermos flask of tea!


Pat x

Pat’s right M, rest is definitely the right thing to do. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Lynne xx

Cheers guys

Still feel like crap BUT cheerie thanks to you M

Hi folks, just thought I’d mention the antibiotics are finished still feel like s*** BUT the sun is shining and I remembered the obvious Paracetamols!!! Co-codamols plays tricks on you - never use both of these medication together BUT you know that!

Take care guys and thanks AND just incase I’d let things slip THIS is the group, take care, M

Hi hon, well you sound on the up and up!!!

Sun is shining??? Not here in London. Hosepipe ban started today so it’s bound to rain and rain from now on. Lol…

Hope you continue to feel better. Missed your posts.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, seeing the MS nurse mid April, by then I should be in a better frame of mind, HOW positive and is that? It’s so scary when ‘it’ takes a turn for the worse, I may just have to ‘bite’ back at a SLOWER pace…?!! I’ve been having an afternoon nap lately soM