got an infection

The NHS came up trumps again. I have had a week of it but Heather has had her hands full today read about the young and froeing going on today on my Disabled Don blog

I don’t know what I would do without her, I slept virtually all day and missed all the phoning and now at 3:10am. I am wide awake. I have tried to sleep for the last two hours, tossed this way and that but still no sleep. I love my MS but at times like this I wish it would take a hike. I can hear Heather snoring gently in her bed and after the Day she has had I don’t want to wake her but I am officially freezing and the extra cover is just out of reach. I am on ceffelexin I wonder if it that keeping me awake. Still having been asleep for a week I don’t really need more sleep.


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Me too. I have been awake a couple of hours too. Visiting loo with little result - I have felt weak and slow since Weds but put it down to visiting at weekend. London Eye and boat trp Sat, Somerset, Sun, Lyme Regis mon and croyde bay Tues. But I was sat down most of the time and did hardly any walking!!!

anyway Thursday evening I fell and just could not get up off kitchen floor - so rang my son who dashed 12 miles to my rescue. I was ok after about 2 hours - but since then noticed my urine is darker than normal - but no pain. So will go to GP on Mon with sample - and see if I have an infection.

Hope p you fee better soon and that you are now asleep

Love Jackie xx((()))

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I don’t like the fact you have an infection but what great treatment from all the medics responsible for your care. I hope that the infection clears up and you feel better soon.

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Hi Don,

I haven’t been on the forum for a few days. So sorry to read you have been having such an awful time. Hope you soon feel much better.

Heather is a super star!

thinking of you and sending you massive hugs,

Nina x

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