I was doing so well...

I was doing so well, I was back to walking, I had finished at physio and had all these grand plans with regards to walking. One tiny inner ear infection and I am back at square one!

This is one of the mst frustrating diseases. I felt really positive and like I was back on track. It is really hard to believe when things are going well as you have the thought going through your head that this can only be for a short while.


Don’t lose heart, infections do make things worse but you should improve again once the antibiotics take hold. You’re right, it’s a cruel illness and it knocks the stuffing out of us on a regular basis but we’re stronger than we look, and you’ve got a lot of moral support here. xxx

Aw sweetie, I think we’ve all had experience of the “knocking you sideways” effect of an infection. A few months ago, my MS nurse even referred to a “pseudo relapse” as I was terrible!

Take care and really hope you feel better soon

Sonia x

You’ll get back to where you were. Infections or viruses always send MS off the scale, but it’ll settle down again. Hang on in there, Pat xx

Thanks for your lovely comments. I have been feeling dizzy for about three weeks now and feel like there is a swirling vortex below me, horrible. The heat is not helping, it is unseasonably warm in Scotland right now!

Is the heat affecting you guy too?

KW I’m one of the minority who tolerate the heat a lot better than the cold which is very nice now but the long winters get me down. I find fatigue a bit of an issue but I have much less pain in the warmth. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, it’s supposed to cool down a bit for you.

Cath xx

Hi KW, I know what you mean about the heat in Scotland just now. It is even hot in Aberdeen. The heat is good for a lot of my symptoms but my legs and feet have swelled up. But I can’t complain as the cold is a killer for me. And as you know it can get get really cold up here. Hope you feel better soon. Mags xx

Hi KW, I hope by tomorrow you will be feeling a little bit better. :slight_smile: Nina x

Hi ME hope you are recovering and soon back on your feet. I am in bed and have been all day co I felt sick last nigh 24 hours in bed and I wasn’t even sick GGGRRRR MS sucks. Get well soon. DON

Hi KW, heat not too bad in London… in fact it’s rather cool but sunny… but yes heat can be terrible with MS. When it’s hot I live like a little mole… blinds down and fan on (although I don’t think moles use fans…). I suffer with dizziness too. It’s awful. Worth seeing the GP just in case it’s something else… even a build up of wax in ears can cause dizziness. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Pat xx

The heat is a little better today and I have bought ice lollies which alway help! Was out most of the day yesterday in my scooter just to get some air and convinced my partner to go out for a picnic for lunch today to get out of the house.

Still struggling a bit with the dizziness though. Doctor thinks it is an inner ear infection so I am going to go with that.