Trying to make the climb back up

Afternoon All,

Ive been off the page for a whille but i have been reading the posts, I took a down turn, and things weren’t going to well. Been a lot of upheaval in the house also, but things to help me, the OT has put in a stair lift, a wet room and a new riser recliner. They are all helping but the bathroom was a hard thing to get through, but most definitely worth it.

Been to pain clinic and they have changed so many of my meds, which has caused all sorts of new horrible issues, and my GP is so useless at the moment, however I’m back to the neurologist on Friday, and I’m really hoping that she will sort them out properly!

So I am waiting to see if I get anymore clarity over my meds on Friday. Feeling as though I’m pulled from piller to post just now between these doctors.

hope everyone is doing okay, keep well

Polly xxx

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Polly hope all goes well for Friday. The wet room sounds good but it is a real upheaval.



Hi Polly

Sorry to hear things have been difficult for you, let’s hope that on Friday the next can make things a lot better for you.

The new things around the house, whilst being a pain while its being transformed, will be so worth it in the long run, and make your life easier.

Good to see you back, hang on in there Polly and roll on Friday, ((((hugs))))

Pam x

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Sorry, should say neuro not next!!

Pam x

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Hi Polly, sorry things havent been too good,hope things improve for you.good to hear from you though.

J x


Nice to see you Polly but sorry to hear things have been so difficult.

I know having the bathroom done is so hard. It takes much longer than I expected. I think mine was 10 working days! But the plumber wasn’t slacking… it’s just a bigger job than I realised!

Hope you get your meds sorted with the neuro.

Take care… let us know how it goes with neuro on Friday.

Pat xx

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Hope you get some help with your meds. CAn you change your GP. I found it so useful to have someone I could actually have a relationship with,who I could talk with. Ask around your friends and see if anyone recommends a new one?

The new things in the house sound good.

Keep trucking,



Thank you everyone I will definitely let you know how I get on, on Friday.

Thank you Pam and Pat, it’s good to be around friends. Thanks Anne, yes I have thought about changing GP, I’m going to test the rest of the surgery out.

Polly xxx


So sorry to hear things haven’t been so good Polly. I had a big change of meds a few months ago and it was quite a trauma

one way and another but it was well worth it in the end.

Good luck on Friday,

Nina x

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Hi Polly. Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling. It’s really hard having workmen in but hopefully you’ll be able to settle down now. Having a good OT is a godsend, and it sounds like you have faith in your Neuro too but I agree, you need a gp you trust. I have stayed within the same practice but changed who I see which has helped me.

It took me a long time to find a drug regime that suits me, as I really struggle with nerve pain but patience paid off. I hope you get yours sorted out, it really does change your life. Please let us know how you get on with the Neuro. It’s nice seeing you back.

Cath x

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