Just popped in

Just popped in to say to say hi and see how you are all doing. I hope you didnt struggle too much in that really hot weather. Thank you for the support you all gave me when l needed it. Love to you all

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Hi Kingsnorth, Lovely to see you on here again, hope you’re keeping as well as possible? The heat was a real struggle for myself and many others but thankfully the temperature has reduced to a manageable level now. You were going through a very difficult time and we all offered you our support and advice as best we could as we would do anybody coming onto the forum :slight_smile: Take Care. Twinkle Toes x

Hi there,

between the heat and a UTI, I’ve been a bit of a disaster area but enjoying the cool air again now. Enjoying the rain too

Hope you’re doing ok

Sonia x

Im doing ok thanks still got exactly the same symptoms but not MS so l can only assume it must be lupus as o explanation for it. I will keep popping from time just to see how you are all doing. You are all amazing. I will pray that there is a break through in finding a cure or at least a medication that can slow down progression of the evil named MS. Love to you all x

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