feeling good

Hi folks This weather is fab but making me tired a lot more Other than that I’m feeling pretty good this last few days . Less pain not as stiff , don’t understand why ? Anyone else feeling better a little during this heat wave ? Keep cool folks !!! Regards Mick

Hi Mick, actually I’m not feeling too bad either. I think it’s because it’s a dry heat. It’s humid heat that sends my symptoms into overdrive. I’ve heard before that dry heat isn’t so bad for MS… and like you, although tired (but what’s new?!) my other symptoms are behaving themselves.

Even managed a little outing to a pub garden yesterday and had half a pint of shandy! OMG now that’s what I call living!!!

Pat x

Hi pat Thanks I was just curious as to why but yea it must be The dry heat . Glad you enjoyed the shandy lol Take care Mick …x