Better for being cooler


I always think it’s important to pass on good vibes. Last week, in the dreadful heat, my physio was a waste of space. But today I nailed it. In heat waves we survive, in the cool I thrive.

Best wishes, Steve


I can certainly agree with that, I’m all for cool !!

The heat did me in…better with the cooler stuff…but…dont like the rain…cant play out!


The heat totally wiped me out, all I wanted to do was sleep or sit in front of the fan

Chill out.

Since the temperature dropped I feel I’ve got much more energy. Although I don’t seem to be walking any better.

Ahhhh. That’s better.

Ta Scudger.

Bloody freezing in here now.

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SKUDGER turn the bloomin fans down!

Steve I felt chilled tonight and had to close the windows! Glad you got on better, nothing worse that going to all that effort and not benefiting from it. Nite mate one quick game of freecell and then ZZZ’s


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