Greatings all with MS

The beginnings of yet another fine day to dodge the heat.

Seriously considering visiting an Ice Cream source today, if it’s anything like yesterday.

Take care out there & stay cool.


Hi Terry, I’m hoping that the weather cools down a bit. Both myself and Frazer are struggling with the heat. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

The heat is a killer for me i can’nt cope at all.I suppose most of you with ms are the same.I know i should’nt moan but its a lot easier when its cooler dont you agree.Keep cool and drink plenty everyone. Joxx

One needs to drink ones tap water as chilled as possible & wear suitable attire, for ones daily adventures.

Barry x_x

I am so thankful that it is cooler today. But I’ve had my catheter changed and it wasn’t great! So it’s another lying on my bed day!


Im due for a catheter change tomorrow im always glad when its done.Im waiting for my botox in my bladder appointment which i badly need ( i can’t recommend it enough ).Shame it only lasts about 4months, it lasts some people about 9.A bit cooler here today as well. Jo xx

Another day, another load of shit to avoid. There’s such experts out there. Unable to make any decisions by themselves, so they drag every one else into their sick world. Such lovely people.

Enjoy life as best you can & stay out of anyone elses business, I say.

Us normal humans have a life to live.

It’s full of religious fruit cakes, fanatics & mentally unstable idiots. Yay, it gets better.

Just avoid the attention seekers & find the people with real problems. They would never cause their own problems. Honest!

Then blame the world for their crap, because they live in a civilised world.

Sound as a pound…


Hi, I was thinking of having bladder botox as I was having a lot of spasms and by-passing.

But betmiga finally settled it down and I dont need the botox.

Glad it helps you.


I tried betmiga and it helped for a while but im back to normal again now,im glad it helps you.Im on water tablets now becausemy feet are so swollen so i am weeing for fun,Oh to have normal bladder and bowels ,i took them both for granted years ago.Have a good weekend everyone. Jo xx

Good hay rogues.

Not sure wether to sit in the yard or visit B&Q for a hot dog.

My leg is looking like a hot dog today, one that’s been eating lead.

The joys of MS & all the fake vultures it attracts.