Third day in bed

I have been asleep virtually all day and this is the third day.

The days have been a blur and I don’t feel to good but I have been much much worse.

What’s wrong. I am awake now but will be asleep in minutes.

Night from a wet and windy Margate

Hope you feel better soon Don. I’ve just spent the best part of 5 days in a hospital bed so I feel a little of your pain and frustration. Hope tomorrow’s a better one for you.

Cath xx

sorry to hear that Don,im still in bed after this throat infection,feeling very bad still,weak and dizzy and not with it.

Cath i hope you are felling better now,pleased you are home now.

J x

Hi Don

Sorry too near this, hope you feel better soon, in fact that same message to Mrs J and Cath, and anyone struggling at the moment.

Take care all of you, and rest, rest and then rest some more.

Pam x. I need to take my own advice really, at the moment I am down with a nasty cold and MS playing silly beggars!

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Thanks Pam,hope your cold gets better soon too,there are a lot of us not doing too good,its that time of the year isnt it,

never mind gang,it will soon be spring,its already getting a bit lighter at night,not much but at least its there.

J x

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Thanks Pam and yes, you need to take your own advice. Why is it always easier to tell others to rest when you yourself need to but don’t have the time? So much to catch up on …

Take care.

Cath xx


Hello, Don.

It seems like a few of us are struggling at the moment. I’m trying to break a habit of falling straight back to sleep as soon as everyone else gets up, leaving me languishing until half way through the morning. It’s nowhere near as bad as other people, including yourself, but it’s a sign of the time of year. Let’s dream of warmer weather and brighter evenings.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hope you’re feeling much better now Don.

I think it’s best to go with it. If you’re body says ‘sleep’ then you should follow orders!

Cold and grey in London…hope you’ve got blue skies in Margate.

Pat xx


I’m sure Steve is right, it’s this time of year, and the perpetual grey skies don’t help.

lots of love to Don and Cath and everyone. As MrsJ says, hang on in there for the spring.



Thanks Gang I am back up and at em now, got catheter change tomorrow so hope that goes OK. Can’t sleep now typical??



Pleased you’re back on track Don,

Good luck with the catheter change, hope you can sleep tonight.

Nina X

glad you’re back on track Don

J x

Sorry to hear that you’ve not been well Don. i’m glad that you are feeling a bit better, I hope that the catheter change goes well.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Glad you are feeling better Don, hope the catheter change goes well.

Pam x

3.36 am! Gee! I wonder how many peeps look at the time a comment was written? Innit horrible when you are awake in the small hours? It can feel like you`re the only person in the world!

I found a way to ease that problem…dont look at the clock…may sound daft, but it has worked for me on many sleepless nights.

Anyroad, glad to hear yourre feeling better. Got my catheter change next week...ready for it as theres fluffy bits in the tubing!

But it is draining ok.

luv Polxx

Glad you’re doing better Don.

It is awful when you can’t sleep. I totally sympathise. Like Poll, I don’t look at the clock, in fact I turn the clock face to the wall so I can’t see it…but those nights of no sleep can seem very very long.

Take care and good luck with the catheter change,

Pat xx

Glad you’re up and about again. Good luck with the catheter change. Hopefully by next week you’ll be back to normal.

Cath x

Catheter change went fine, I don’t have any problems with this supra pubic one. With the urethral one every change ment ambulance ride to Canterbury cos it hemoridged every change. not had one problem in the last two years and when I think the urologist wasn’t going to fit one because he didn’t like supra publics!!! Heather didn’t like him and had row in appointment oops she is a little terrier and very protective of me.

Just got to bed after watching Liverpool Arsenal on BT Sport. I was going to watch match of the Day but too tired. Night from a wet Margate.