Going to sleep again

Well I must be tired, I woke up an hour ago when the doctor phoned, ggrgrrgrrr

I am managing about twenty hours in bed per day and yes most of that time I am asleep.

What is going on with me. The GP doing blood tests

Nite nite


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Hope you feel better soon Don,sounds like your hibernating

J x

Don I hope they find out why and can give you something to help!

Lots of love,

Pat xx

I hope they will sort out the problem Don,

take care,

love Nina xx

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Don - You sleep more in one day than l do in a week. - Yes, l think you are in hibernation mode.

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Hope you don’t sleep the winter away, although hibernation mode sounds good to me it’s freezing out there today.

Jan x

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Just been woken for Silent Witness plus tea

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You have a good sleep Don I know the feeling do more sleeping than awake just lately

Silent Witness and tea are both excellent reasons to wake up Don. I hope your doctor finds a cause for your sleepiness. Do you feel unwell or just tired? Haven’t you recently had an infection too? I have and I’m sleeping better than usual but no comparison to the hours you’re managing.

Hope you feel better soon.

Cath x

Don? You awake yet? Don? DON!!

Ah well… hibernation is good for you. Soon be time to wake up and go out to look at the ships in the estuary, take some photos and have some fish and chips.

All the best


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Don, feel for you mate, I’m blaming the sudden cold snap for my sleepy head & leg.

Hope you’re ok

Sonia x