Bed all day

Well there was another day, I woke up and tried to get up. Failed went to sleep. Woke up freezing cold Heather put another quilt thing over me now awake having virtually slept for twenty four hours. I watched Mock the week made me laugh. Drinking tea to was down shortbread my neighbour sent in for me had a bowl of tomato soup now gaviscon and sleep. I don’t feel tired but don’t want this stupid disease to take tomorrow away from me as well.


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Hope today is a better day for you Don

J x

You obviously needed the sleep Don so just go with it.

Hope today will be better for you.

Nice and sunny here in the Big City.

Pat xx

Hello Don,

I’m sending energy vibes for today. Funny enough I’m finding lying down quite uncomfortable at the moment. Well weird! Any quick naps on the sofa are curtailed by a rather energetic young daughter. Tomorrow is the local carnival. Only flat scooter batteries will keep me away from an afternoon of tacky fun.

Best wishes, Steve.

Your body must have needed it Don, best to go with it, and hope tomorrow is better.

Pam x

Hi Don,

hope things are a little better for you today…sun trying hard to peek out here in beautiful Herefordshire .

Nina x

Hope today is better for you Don. You must have needed your sleep.

Enjoy the carnival Steve. Have fun with your daughter they grow up so quick.

Mags xx

Thanks folks, we have had a fantastic time today took picnic to Dover hope I am OK tomorrow ban with my oldest mate we go back years

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