I'm tired today

I’ve not felt great today …Just completely wiped out. My sister has been up and I’ve spent most of the day under a blanket on the sofa. Yesterday was a busy day , I went with Rochelle to tumble tots and raced around following Naomi in my chair . She was on a pushalong truck and was going far to fast , she has no spacial awareness and was having such a good time she didn’t care about bumping anyone’s legs. Rochelle was following Laura . It’s hard work especially as they have delay , it’s lookng like they have autism but takes time to diagnose. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle

I expect it’s a combination of having a very busy day and the heat, it totally wipes me out.

Good thing is you are listening to your body and taking appropriate action, rest as much as you can…

Doesn’t seem long ago the twins were born, my how time flies.

Take care

Pam x

pmd you Michelle. Try and rest up now, sounds like you have overdone it.I have too,i have done far too much,i am annoyed with myself because i knew i would suffer for it.

J x

I hope you manage to get some rest today.

Hello Michelle.

We all know the feeling.

There’s only one thing to do and hopefully, you are doing it. Diddly squat that is. (A South African colleague introduced me to that phrase.) That’s the trouble with having fun and being normal. I know it’s hard to do nothing, especially with the family but we must cast all guilt aside.

Steve x woof.

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Thank you everyone, it’s so good to know that I’m not alone . I feel so guilty my sister is only a couple of years older and Christine my friend and carer is a lot older, they can do far more than me and seem to have so much energy. Do you ever envy people …I don’t mean bad envy I never wish this disability on anyone , I know that there’s worse things but sometimes just some days I wish I was a normal Nana being able to run around with my granddaughters and a regular mum, just ordinary being able to walk and drive and cook and clean and be a good wife and mum . You know what they say …If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Michelle and Frazer xx

I get very envious at times Michelle. Its normal to feel envious of healthy, and able-bodied people, when you have a disability.

J x

I am a bit stressed atm as hoping to move in a few weeks if solicitor gets finger out. Just getting over death of hubby as well but a large 3 bed house with massive garden is way too much for me and i have found a lovely little 1 bed bungalow very close.

I have felt ill on and off for a few weeks. It comes in waves. Like i will just feel i have the worse flu ever, no temperature, feel nauseous, and have the loudest tinnitus and just feel so bleurgh i can barely get off my settee it kind of scares me to be honest is this a form of MS fatigue? I have been trying to do things as well a little bit of packing, painting, (only little bits), and i feel totally useless. even my ON seems to be playing me up my eye is so blurry and it is painful on and off.

I cant spend all day on the sofa. its so muggy and hot some days. I dont know what to do with myself. I cant even see my doctor for 3 weeks.

I wondered if anyone else feels like that when they have seriously overdone it.

Aww that is sad , it’s ms fatigue as well as the sadness of losing your husband . Your moving as well no wonder you are tired . There’s only so much you can cope with. Have you got friends and family nearby that can help you? I hope the move goes well for you. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

When folks zip bye. Totally ignorant of how we struggle. Show them your middle finger & when they turn around to cause grief. Say, can you help. I have a splinter. Like Steve states. Doing nothing is good too. I find that agitates some people the most. Especially the loud mouthed idiots, demanding we respect their opinion.

Anyone having trouble, should go on a good long break.

Take it easy out there.

I try to associate with friends that make me feel good , the ones that you can laugh with and are there for you when you are sad too. Despite everything in life I strive to be happy , Some days I find it hard and at times a bit of self pity creeps in. At the moment i try to think of five things each day to be thankful for . I was listening to some self help stuff and it said that happiness is a bi-product of gratitude . Well let’s say I tell myself that the bad days will pass. Michelle and Frazer xx

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