Been in bed all day

I am feeling crap! I have been in bed for nearly two days. Friday we had to call out the district nurse because my catheter blocked. It was a painful experience but soon sorted. The muse was here within ten minutes and I was sorted fast but the aftermath is still with me. MS hates getting usurped and it has fought back leaving me unable to stand So bathroom trips have been interesting. Heather is exhausted from moving me I am a dead weight even a single leg weighs a ton and I cannot move at all. Still hopefully tomorrow I will be better.

Still at least I am now awake and there is a wildlife program on the telly.


Hope you feel better soon Don.I have been feeling bad since xmas day.My MS hates this time of year.Can’t wait for springtime.

J x

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Poor Don, its determined to get us all one way or another, i’m having a lousy morning but thats a different story.

I hope you feel better soon.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Thanks folks I am still in bed Heather will try and get me up shortly. I think I will be Okay coz my legs have cooled down.


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I’ve had a few days like that recently, it’s horrible.

Take care

Sonia x

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Hello Don.

Damned if you do damned if you don’t comes to mind. We fight it but it’s a tough one.

It’s a bit like that scene from the Curse of the Were Rabbit when Victor wants to give Wallace a jolly good thrashing but then Wallace turns into the monster rabbit. It’s a very one-sided affair but we are the clever ones. MS has no brains. I’m sure there’s a corny joke in there.

On a happier note, I pay about £6.50 a month for this company called Cure and Simple to deliver a different pack of bacon every month. I’m just eyeing up the bourbon cured bacon of this month. It’s a bit pricy but such a lovely little indulgence.

Best wishes, Steve.

Bourbon cured bacon I am now in lust

I am sure I will get over this but I never seem to get all of me back if you know what I mean.


PS. Steve I was just thinking of you. I will message you later. Getting ready for ms nurse appointment now

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Hi Don, so sorry things have been hard. I do know what you mean… it’s one step forward and two back… bit ironic being you can’t take steps.

Saying hi to you and Heather and hope things improve soon.

Sending you lots of love,

Pat xx