I’m having a burst of energy at the moment.

The price is 12 hours sleep but at least I’m sleeping.

Never beat yourself up about spending time in bed or doing diddly squat. We need the rest.

It takes some time to get comfortable in the pit but it’s worth the effort. At the end of the month, I begin the radiotherapy so I’m making hay. The weekend before, I’ll be travelling north to see friends. Wish my liver luck.


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I hope you have a nice time seeing your friends . I seeem to be more tired than usual, sleep is good . I was kept awake by the wind and hail last night, being on a hill (lakes estate) it’s very windy up here . I hope you’re treatment goes well , it’s nice that you can see your friends up north before it all begins. Michelle and Frazer xx

I am struggling to stay awake at the moment. Started taking Tecfidera just under three weeks ago and my fatigue levels have increased so much that after taking tablets I feel like a zombie. I see my MS nurse next week for a first checkup. I sleep well normally and take naps when needed, but not liking this new way of feeling much. Going to Portugal in May for a week to stay with family and don’t want to be feeling like this.

Enjoy your visit with friends and good luck with the radiotherapy Steve. I’m struggling with one of my “sleep phases” as I call them. Every few weeks I’ll have them where I sleep for days, waking up only for a drink, snack or the loo and within minutes after I’m fast asleep again. My nurse said they’re re-writing the lists of symptoms for MS as there are so many that aren’t listed, changes in sleeping patterns being one of the main ones. I think the weather makes it worse as we crank up the central heating and curl up, well I do anyway. Anyway, take care everyone. Cath

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Hi Steve I hope the weather perks up for you meeting your friends, I am sure you will all enjoy it whatever, just makes it easier if the weather is kind. Hope your treatment goes well and you get a good outcome. Friends have told me that it is very tiring so rest as much as you can. Sleep for me is awful, I don’t understand when fatigue is so bad why I still find dropping off so difficult. I think part of the problem is the nerve pain in my legs, but taking the pain meds leave me like a zombie! Ms is hard to deal with for us all. Heavy rain and wind here but Cheltenham races are still packed out, they are braver than me! Take care Pam x

Pam, I’ve enjoyed racing over the years but I don’t think I have the courage to do Cheltenham. Too cold and always windy. Give me a soft sunny day at Epsom.

Racing in Ireland was great fun. I lost my shirt at Cork but one of us won on every race. He bought the Guinness as I’d have done in the same situation. Once on Ladies day at Aintree, I braved the weather to go to a trackside bookie. I won £80 and charged into the bar slapping down my winnings to my wimpy friends in the bar. What a day.

Steve x

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Hi Steve. Enjoy your burst of energy. I used to have so much energy once. I would fly about like a whirling dervish. Even taking growing older into account, I believed it would always be like that. Alas… I became overwhelmed by fatigue on Sunday and climbed into bed at 5.30pm, out like a light until 8.45pm. Unheard of for me. Enjoy your friends up north Steve and let your liver look after itself! There’s enough going on in our lives. As for the racing…the Irish love their horse racing. A bus load from the village have flown to the UK for Cheltenham. Between that and st Patrick’s day on Sunday, there be a few Guinness sunk!