Sleep overload


Last night, I fell asleep on my comfortable recliner and woke up at 9 am. Felling deprived if a proper lie down I went to bed for a bit. I awoke at three in the afternoon. Now I can hardly keep my eyes open. A year ago I couldn’t buy a good night’s sleep. It’s been a busy week. I’ve been out four times.

What a crazy mixed up world the beast has given me.


Greetings earthling. Blame that comfy chair Steve. The time of the day has become irrelevant, when the condition is so odd.

From being a cabbage potato on useless medication, which turned me into a sofa surfer for years. To being up with the birds.

I’m determined to give my mountain bike another pop, when this heat declines. I’ve even book marked a Kayak to buy when I purchase a suitable vehicle. My Neurologist said I would never drive again & I’m approaching 2k miles with no issues. All down to my persistence. Some folks are such know it alls. It makes me wonder how their lives are, when dishing out such useless advice & writing such damaging reports on a persons health, they see 5 minuets, every six months. With still no offer of a physiologist after 4 years. Experts or the real brain dead?

Not sure on your ability Steve. Exercise usually induces a good healthy sleep. Getting out into the fresh air. A nap in a lovely meadow somewhere, hearing the birds sing, under a shady tree.

Maybe you could do a Canal Boat cruse. That would get you relaxed.

I’ve just done 15 minuets of exercise to wake the body up. It’s seizing up all over & cracking them joints is laughable.

Take it easy.


That’s a lot of sleep Steve. Maybe get your bloods checked out. I’m sure you’re aware a B12 test has to be a specific request and isn’t in the routine blood screen. It could be a lot of things though and we do tend to blame ms for everything. All the best.

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I believe that the sleep is the best medicamentation.