While I was sleeping...

While I was sleeping, the Monster that is MS - increased my weight, stole my balance, fogged my brain, changed who I am not to mention put a tonne weight on my shoulders. Herculean effort to do anything I have coped with this pretty well.

Yesterday Driving Assessment, my licence may be withdrawn. I can only drive for 20/30 mins, the test is 60 mins! I have always been smug/pleased with myself for those 20 mins or so, I feel like my pre MS self. A theft too far, as with everything I will get a handle on it but not so far.

Sincere apologies to any/all newbies, PPMS has its up and down days, chin up!



Hi M, hope they don’t withdraw licence. Fingers crossed for you. Let us know what happens.

We do have our ups and downs. I had a day…I think it was Monday…where I felt almost normal. Haven’t had a day like that for YEARS…literally years!!! It felt magical. I was wide awake and my body wasn’t doing anything weird for once. Was amazing.

Woke up next day and was back to normal (normal for MS). No reason for it that I can think of. It was just a fluke I suppose.

Hey ho…we are still here. Still in the world. Survivors!!!

Pat xx


Hello, M.

I’ve just had the 3 year renewal form for the licence. I can manage driving for about the same time. I don’t need to drive but it would be handy in case of emergencies.

As for up and down days: On the rare up days I can be more confident of not falling and not constantly going to the loo. Then I’m made to pay for it.

It’s very growl-making. (I’ve just created a new phrase.)

You are not alone. We are all heroes whether someone is holding out for us or not.

Best wishes, Steve.


So sorry to hear all that. I am struggling too at the moment. First time for me it has been really bad. I have never been in denial. I know I have ms. But. I thought I might just have got away with it. Know what I mean? Well it is not to be. So I am sending g hugs. We are brilliant people. I really admire us. Living with this disease is tough. Anne X


Morning Pat, i get the odd day like that, when i wake up and suddenly you can hear the birds singing, and feel free and happy and think why do i feel like that, then you realise you can walk almost normally for a few steps even, its bizarre. I call it the eye of the storm, when all goes calm…its lush…then your suddenly awakened, as the birds singing turn back into pneumatic drills which just irritate the hell out of us lol…

Still even 1 hour, now and then is a relief, not had one day yet, i think if i did i would be looking for angels lol…xxxxx


Hi Pat, when i get a day or so where i feel ‘normal’ i really make the most of it,but then i get really down thinking thats how i should feel ALL the time,and it makes me miss being well so much.A few year ago i had a spell of weeks where i could do everything and felt really welland i really thought it was going to last, sadly i came crashing back down though.

J x


You have it in one Steve, ‘very growl-making’ may I pinch this? I too only want my licence for emergencies however its the last vestige of the old free me.

It’s not that easy to learn a new skill - hand controls note new skill rather than old dogs new tricks managing more positive thoughts. Thanks team you are simply the best. M


M I hope they re-issue your license. As you’re a mature adult I’m sure you know how far you can drive safely and remain within your limitations. I get so angry when they don’t take our common sense into consideration.

I thought I’d lose mine as I’m on a load of meds including morphine, but my Neuro chatted to me and realised that I’d only drive when I know I’m capable (not after taking the amitriptyline or quick acting morphine syrup that affects my concentration) and I was sensible enough to only go distances I could manage etc and wrote all this down when DVLA contacted him, and I kept my license.

Why can’t we all be seen as individuals and have decisions made depending on our own maturity? I’ve seen a lot of people with licenses who definitely shouldn’t be on the road, My blood boils …

Fingers crossed it goes in your favour M, and the rest of you sensible people!!

Cath xx


Hi M

I do hope they don’t take your license …I still have mine although I gave up driving years ago…I knew I wasn’t safe but I was very happy to keep my license, as you say, if only for emerganicies.

take care of yourself, Nina xx

PS let us know what happens x


Snap I am the same as Nina I dont drive anymore but I feel I could if I wanted to because I still have a incense.



Good luck, if I were you I’d make a point of saying you gave up on longer journeys as you’d never push yourself

I surrendered my licence as I shut my eyes on corners no matter who’s driving. I can’t tell you how relieved my GP looked when I told him I was giving it up I still feel like I could operate a car but couldn’t contend with roundabouts etc. now

Sonia x