Driving License Revoked

Hi, yes just got the letter they have said due to current medication side effects that are likely to impair safe driving I need to send my licence back. Can appeal through magistrates, unless Dr can support fitness to drive which may have a bearing on their licen sing decision. I will be seeing my g.p asap, I’ve emailed DVLA asking if a drivers assessment will help. I’m absolutely devastated this was my freedom, and I’m not a danger & I know my limitations.

Pauline x

Pauline please appeal and get an assessment. I was sure they’d take my license away as I’m on loads of medications including morphine which I take twice per day and have a spinal cord injury at neck level too. They wrote to my Neuro who knew I was alert and sensible enough not to drive if I felt unwell or had to take extra doses if I needed them as the short acting version definitely impairs me. Losing my license would be devastating as I live rurally and have no other driver at home, my daughter only being 16.

My Neuro reassured them and I had no problems. I’ve got a 3 year renewable one but as far as I’m aware most ms sufferers do, my insurance provider is also aware and have no problem. On paper I look like a wreck but I’m safe and unless you really are impaired they should allow you to drive, just get them to write to your Neuro.

Good luck. Cath xx

hi Pauline, awful for you! Yes ask for assessment. I don’t know anything about it but there’s surely a way to get it back! Let us know how it goes. Good luck. Pat xx

Hi Pauline,

Definitely appeal asap, let us know how it goes.

Pam x

I gave up when I thought I was unsafe I definately couldnt drive now. hope you can get it sorted. XX Don

Hi guys,

I rang g.p surgery spoke to receptionist that deals with DVLA no contact made with them!

Rang neurologist secretary again no contact with DVLA.

Then rang DVLA to ask how they had come to the decision to revock my license, and rattled on about how medical staff hadn’t been consulted,

Then guess what!!!

It’s all my fault apparently I ticked the box YES on the health questionnaire that asks do you suffer confusion and drowsiness when driving… NO !! OMG, Dozzy, Drowsy, confused Person…

Now I have 2 forms and a covering letter to do, DVLA will now need information from G.P all taking time.

Typical me. Xx

I guess as usual I was doing too much at once as I was doing my PIP at the same time!!!

Hi guys, its all my fault, I said yes to a question I should have said no to, now got 2 more forms to fill in and g.p will be consulted by DVLA. I did a more explanitory piece for you but when I pressed post it said it was going to be checked before posting or something along those lines?

Dizzy Pauline xx

Hi Pauline,i had to stop driving for three month’s after diagnosis,got the ok to drive again but it’s still under review.Know how you feel my job’s at stake’HGV driver,DVLA take an age,a lot like PIP government department,say’s it all ,good luck

Mel xx.

Pauline, it sounds like you’re having a nightmare over it and sorry I didn’t comment sooner… probably because I surrendered my licence because being in the car with another driver often resuted in me screwing my eyes shut, there’s no way I could carry on driving…, My GP looked so relieved (I thought he mght hug me) when I said I’d surrendered it!

Even now, I tinker with my phone or close my eyes as a passenger, going round corners is the worst.

Hope you get your license back soon

Sona x

Good luck with that Pauline, I’m sure you’re sensible enough to know when to stop driving. I must admit that I’ve found it much easier to drive an automatic but the loss of my license would be a huge blow too. I hope things get sorted out quickly but with DVLA know it’s not likely to be the case xx