Driving licence

It has been 8 weeks since I sent off my driving licence renewal and apart from a letter from the DVLA saying they will be contacting my Neuro, it is all quiet. Licence doesn’t run out for another two weeks but I am beginning to wonder if it is going to be a no. I’m not ready to give up driving yet and although I don’t think I have any issues, who knows what my Neuro (who hasn’t seen me for a year, and who hasn’t ever asked about driving) might think.

If my licence is revoked, I know that I can go to an assessment centre for a ‘test’. Has anyone had any experience of having to do this? I just wondered what is involved.


Hi Seabird, I’ve known a few people on this forum over the years who had their licence revoked and appealed and got it back again.

The hold up is probably just the usual bureaucratic hold up and nothing to worry about.

I think providing your vision is ok and no hand tremor you should be ok.

Try not to worry and remember there’s an appeal process.

Pat xx

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They won’t take your licence away while they are reviewing it-even if it runs out. I’ve had to wait a long time in the past. I still get mine approved, even though I can’t drive a manual and struggle a bit with eyesight.

Best wishes. Steve.

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Thanks for the positive notes. I don’t have any eye problems or hand tremors. My biggest problem is my mobility which is why my car is so important to me. It’s my last bit of independence. Looks like I’ll have to be patient.


Good luck with your licence. I knew when to give up driving and miss it everyday even after nearly twenty years

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