Driving or not

Hi guy, I suffer with PPMS and was diagnosed last year, they took my licence off me and one year I am still the same condition wise but am much more healthy fitness wise.

have any of you guys ever managed to get your licence back.

I look forward to your replies,


Do you know why they took your license off you? I thought I’d lose mine as I’m on opiates, but two renewals lasting three years each, I’ve now been issued with a five year license… My neurologist and I had a conversation wherein I agreed to be sensible and not drive unless I know I’m capable and my symptoms allow it and he signed me fit. Could you not speak to your Neuro and find out why you shouldn’t be driving? Someone has to have a reason.

Good luck


7 years ago they stopped me driving then 6 month i got it back till 2021 same thing i have to be sensible about it

Hi , does vitamin d help with ms , any feed back would very much be appreciated . Thanks

Hi Hjb

My neurologist recommends that we all take 10,000iu Vitamin D3 daily but I’ve had to stop taking it as it adversely affects another health problem I have and causes severe pain. I do know my vitamin D levels are low, and apparently this is common in people with ms. I will go back on it after my surgery to clear up my other issues. If you’re unsure you can ask your GP tho test your levels and then make an informed decision.

Take care


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Hi Min, thankyou for replying back to me that’s very kind if you , I do hope you will feel better real soon , I will speak to my dr when this pandemic is over as at the moment as it’s only over phone or facetime at the surgery but will certainly will do it , take care , and thanks again .